Deciphering What Women Say & Really Mean

The other day we chopped up game on common myths men have about women. The views were one of the highest (thank for the love), I’ve seen since I started. Today I wanted to do a continuation of that.We all know that women will say one thing and mean something completely different. Some basic ones are “everything is ok” (no it’s not), “my head hurts” (no sex for you), “Let’s be friends” (you’re never going to get it). Don’t worry guys; I have my womenese dictionary ready to go. What is womenese? This is a very special language women use and interpreting it is crucial if you want to have success with women. Lets breakdown a few common things women say and translate what they really mean.  

1. I’m Single But Date- When a woman say this to you, this basically means she’s a slut. I already know some women will disagree with this. You will hear the famous bull shit cliché, “If men can do it, women can too.” Sometimes men and women can’t do the same things. This is one of them. Let me explain this better. A man can have multiple female partners and if he’s honest about it, he can make it work. This happens all over the world. A man can maintain one household and go across town and maintain another. Women just CAN’T do that. Women can not maintain a household with one man and maintain another with a different man. Something sneaky has to be going on. This is why women HATE being called sluts. A slut is someone who is not honest. There really is no such thing as an honest slut. Most women are going to have some type of relationship and a woman who loves different dicks, can’t bring that to the guy she’s dating.  Maybe if he’s on some freak shit or the worlds biggest simp. Let’s say he is the biggest simp, she definitely won’t respect him anyway. No true to the game man will be ok with this. This is why women who like to play musical dicks and fun fuck will lie about what they do. This is why you hear, “I’m single but dating”, “I’m just playing the field”. Don’t fall for that. 

2. I Want A Man To Spoil Me- This is classic womenese. What this means is that she already has a guy she’s sleeping with, now she wants a man to spend money on her. When I hear women say, “You have to spoil me”, “I’m a princess”. That just seems desperate to me. For a woman to show this type of desperation especially when she first meets you, someone else is already hitting it. She already has that covered and has nothing to lose. You have to understand that women will use sex to lure you in. Well, the thought of sex at least. They already know a lot of guys are so thirsty that they will do anything for just the thought of getting some. Remember, no one respects a trick. You’re not here to sponsor any women. If you have been paying attention to the game, you WILL NOT go for that.

3. He’s Like A Brother To Me- This is one of my all time favorites. A lot of guys hear this and take it for face value. You think its something innocent. When you hear a woman say he’s like a brother to me, what she really means is that he wants to bang the shit out of her. That guy you think is like a brother wants to be in your position. He wants out of the friend zone and into the bed zone. He just doesn’t know how to get out. He will always be lurking around and cock blocking. This happened to me recently. I was at a local bar and was talking to a girl I use to date back in the day. She was with a mixed crowd of guys and girls. She had this one kid that was just lurking around while we were talking. I could tell something wasn’t right. When I asked her about him she said, “He’s like a brother to me.” I just laughed. Her “play brother” knew vaguely of the chronicles because he is cool with TMZ. As we’re getting ready to leave he stops us and says, “Damn (my government name) the game actually does work. You have (the girl) ready to leave with you. TMZ told me about this stuff. I’m going to start reading it.” Of course the girl looked at me like what is this kid talking about. I tried to ignore it but to no avail. That fucked up the vibe and she started putting up resistance. She didn’t want to be “on the blog”. This is why I HATE the whole he’s like a brother to me. Those guys are some of the biggest cock blocks in the game. Don’t be fooled by this. 

4. Lets Take It Slow-When you hear this it may confuse you because the girl seems into you. You know for a fact that she’s feeling you and you’re feeling her. When its time to close the deal you hear, “You’re special to me. I really think we should wait.” A lot of you will hear this and think you have a good girl. Bull Shit! When a woman says that to you, what she really means is, let me get these last few dicks in before I settle down with you. She knows you’re a great guy; it’s just that she has to close out her dick accounts. We all know women love sex. Also, women have more access to sex than men do. Some utilize it, some don’t. You have to understand that if a woman meets a man who is worth settling down with, she has to scale herself back from the dudes. Think of it like a 12 step program. You can’t just quit cold turkey. I don’t see anything wrong with that. That is what taking it slow really means. 

Use these tips to help you decipher the game. Don’t be fooled by any of it. You have to be able to separate the real from the fake. That’s a test of a real man. 


I hope none of the women readers are offended by the word slut. I have nothing against slutty women. I’ve dated a few in my life and it was a great time. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t make that a long-term thing. Fun fuck for a little and then charge that to the game.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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13 Responses to Deciphering What Women Say & Really Mean

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Points 1 and 2 are Powerful.

    The other day at a karaoke joint,some chick I know came up to me and asked me to buy her a drink(she usually does this).But her fucking BF was in the joint too!This is in reference to point 2.Why ask me to spend on you when your man should be the one to ask?

    What that shows me is that a woman want a man to be her man exclusively,buy have other guys to fill otter purposes like to spend on her.I see this shit happen often.

    • That’s crazy that she would be that bold. She’s basically just looking for a guy to trick on her. I’m sure that has work for her in the past that is why she try to do that. I’m going to write something on tricking real soon. That shit is becoming an epidemic

      • Socialkenny says:

        Some chics have a BF,a man to bang her(if not the BF),one to trick on her,one to drive her around,one to call and cry on his shoulders,one who she considers just a friend…Lmao girls have guys for different needs when her BF should be that only provider.

  2. The slut part was the funniest.
    Yea, that boy friend probably know his girl gets free drinks. I am sure he likes keeping his money in his pockets.

    • Socialkenny says:

      Lmao same thing I was saying!I would figure that a BF would mine that his girl is hitting up dudes for drinks.But now that I think about it,it’s like he gets to keep his money in his pocket while other guys spend lmao.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    The best part of being able to read the subtext of a woman’s communication (or know that she means exactly the opposite in some cases) is that you can then be so much more successful with them, or even use their methods in reverse.

    The MILF I’m dating casually mentioned the other day while I was talking to her that she might fly to a ski resort this weekend. Didn’t seem like that big a deal until she mentioned that she would be flying in her friend’s plane. Now, even if this is a Cessna, I’d like to play some reverse girl game and catch a ride to go skiing for the weekend. Now THAT would be sweet.

  4. Sunshine says:

    As soon as I read number two I automatically thought of my simp brother. He seems to go for girls who want to be spoiled, or he just offers to spoil women who don’t even deserve getting a happy meal. It’s crazy because I’m almost sure he’s not getting anything in return from them.

    He needs to quit that nonsense.

    • Wow, your brother does sound like a simp. You need to leave the chronicles and kenny website on his favorites haha. Nah but seriously, your brother has to want to upgrade his game and the women that he deals with. That will be the only way he will improve. Still won’t hurt to “accidently” leave the chronicles on his computer.

  5. Kai Scribe says:

    Wow …
    I agree with a lot of this… specially 1 and 2 … I don’t judge anyone who wants to sleep with any man she wants to, that’s cool, sleep with as many men as you like … but me? No i’m not doing it. Not because I don’t ‘want’ to but simply because when I meet the guy that I wanna buy into a false sense of security with (i.e. marry) I don’t want people to be talking bout how he married the village slut lol!

    And as far as girls demanding to be spoilt, ugh wish they’d stop with all that shit … how is it special if a guy buys you shit cause you TOLD him to? No thank you. It’s ok, miss me with that!

    Good read xxx

    • At some point in time, you have to stop playing musical dicks. The problem is some women like to go for the dick world cup. Just banging way too many dudes. Everyone has a past, that’s cool in the game. That’s why I don’t ask women about the number of guys they slept with. I don’t want to know her number and I’m sure she definately doesn’t want to know mine haha. I know a lot of reformed sluts so I know it can happen.

      See I can’t even fault the women for this. Guys are so quick to start trickin. They have zero confidence in their game so they think spending money on women will help them. Some women just take advantage of it. Shit, if I had a girl that just wanted to spend money on me and I didn’t have to have sex with her, I will take all the gifts. I can’t even hate on a woman for doing that. Guys need to understand that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on women. If your game is crisp, she will roll with you.

  6. serenityluv1 says:

    LMAO @ Musical dicks! Again Great Post!

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