“Wait, you still DIDN’T hit it?” Ways to tell she’s not down for sex!

Let’s jump right in. Guys, STOP hanging around women for months, even years before having sex with them. You are just wasting your time. Sometimes you just have to charge certain women to the game. I just got an email from a chronicle reader. “Reema, I really like this girl. I have been hanging out with her for the past few months and I still can’t close the deal. Every time I try to sleep with her, she gives me an excuse. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me man. This girl may be the ONE!!” Unfortunately, he is never going to sleep with this girl. I had a similar situation with Little Mariah. The first time we hung out it was a standard meet and greet. The night ended with a make out session at her car. On the second date, I tried to bring her back to the crib. She told me it was late and we should wait for another time. I settled for making out/dry humping in her car. I figured this was just standard resistance. Most women try to pull this all the time. I went to her birthday party and the same thing happened. It was time for me to close the deal and she is giving me an excuse. She didn’t want to have sex on her friend’s sofa bed. I settled for a lame blowjob. Now my Reema spidey senses started going off. Something is just not right here. My game has been crisp and it’s obvious that this girl is into me. Why haven’t we had sex yet? I told myself the next time I saw here I would ask her, “Why aren’t we fucking?” When I asked her what the deal wasthat’s when she told me she was a Virgin. I had a decision to make. I could keep hanging out with her and wait it out, or just charge her to the game. Before I charged her, I had to find out if she was a virgin because of religious reasons. Damn, she did play a few gospel songs in her car (haha). I was prepared for the worst. Phew, it’s not a religious thing. After we got everything out in the open, she didn’t let me wait much longer. After we had sex she told me about guys she dated for six plus months that never knew she was a virgin. She made another interesting point. She told me, “I gave them all the signs that I was not going to have sex with them. I guess they didn’t want to believe them.” Women will always give you signs that they’re just not down for sex. Here are a few basic ones. 
1. She’s Flakey- If she flakes on you two or more times, she’s not having sex with you. One time is not good but you can understand that. Sometimes shit happens. The problem is some of you are dealing with women that flake on you ALL THE TIME! You should not put up with this. If you have women like this in your life, you need to move on. Your time is very valuable. She’s just using you for the attention you give her. You’re her ego boost. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. She Always Brings Up Her Ex- This is another thing women will do that are just not down to have sex. She will constantly tell you how much how ex did her wrong. You guys are ready to get down to business and she will bring up her ex. “I would love to have sex but my ex just damaged me. He put me through hell.” Guys when you hear this bull shit, they’re trying to get back with the ex. These are rebound chicks. Rebound chicks are either going to get back with the ex, or is hoping to get back with the ex. You want no part of this. Charge these women to the game.

3. Overly Religious Women- A lot of women will try to pull the religion card on you. This can definitely be a gift and a curse. You have two types of religious women. First you have the Sunday church freaks. These are the women that only go to church on Sundays and are freaks all throughout the week. These women are cool. The church girls are some of the biggest freaks. Then, you have the born again sluts. Nothing is worst than a born again slut. The born again slut will always talk about the freaky things she USED to do. That’s how comfortable she is. A lot of women that are freaks are low-key about it. They try to play the innocent role. They talk about baking brownies all the time and volunteering at the local soup kitchen. That’s the type of woman you’re looking for. The girls that tell you about all the crazy shit she’s done is just not down for sex. That’s why she is telling this. She wants you to know her life has changed. You guys are hanging out and she says, “Hey I’m so glad you’re patient with me. I really like you and in the past I was having orgies, sex parties, just being WILD. I found god and he introduced us.” Now some women are the exception, but you don’t want to wait around for a dick relapse. Immediately run and charge them to the game.

4. She Has Designated Cockblocks- This is the girl who you can never seem to get alone. Every time you try to set something up with her, she comes around with her sister, brother, or gay best friend. This is a set up. Many times when a woman doesn’t want to be alone with you, they will have cock blocks around. Don’t think that she is just a friendly, popular girl. When a women wants to be alone with you, that’s what she will do. Something like this happened to one of my boys. He is one of those guys that say he doesn’t need to learn game. He has all the game he needs. He likes this girl that lives in another state that he went to college with. She told him she would be in his area going to a wedding. The wedding was about an hour drive for him. I told him NOT to go.  My instructions for him were to tell her to enjoy the wedding and to hit him up the next day so they could get together. Then, he would tell her to come to his area; he would show her around and have a great time. He could put his bid in at the same time and close the deal. Of course he didn’t listen to me. He went to the wedding anyway. The girl was drinking and feeling good. After the wedding, everyone went back to the hotel. Her friends stopped him from going anywhere with her because she was “too drunk”. He left with nothing going down. I told him these were her designated cock blocks. She told them to make sure nothing happened between you two. He still talks to this girl and he has NOT had sex with her yet. Don’t be this guy.

5. She Is Asking You To Trick- This is a BIG problem with men today. You guys are so happy for women to put you in the trick bag. I will write something on that in the future. If the women you are dealing with are always hitting you up for money for bills, gas and food, they’re basically putting you in the trick bag. When women know you’re a trick, sex is the number one bargaining tool. This is worst than the friends zone. They will continue to ask you for things if they thinks you really want to have sex with them. You shouldn’t think these women are not having sex. Someone is definitely hitting it. They just see a guy with trick bones in his body and they take advantage. Now sometimes you may finally have sex with her but you already spent a few grand on her. Get out the trick mobile guys. Get the S off your chest. 2012= no tricking and yes, it’s still ticking if you got it.

Follow these basic tips and you will never waste your time with women who are just not down to have sex with you!


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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7 Responses to “Wait, you still DIDN’T hit it?” Ways to tell she’s not down for sex!

  1. serenityluv1 says:

    WOW!!! You hit the nail on the head! LOL!! Okay, I’m give you my thoughts about a woman. Women are really no different than men when it comes to know if we going to let you tap our kitty! Soon as you see a guy you instantly know if he is fuckable **yeah I just created a word** It’s instant. Now most women work off of emotions so we will play mind games and make you work for it and some us…well…will drop them panties soon as we see a hard dick! So yeah waiting months in these days and times is one or two things…you not getting it or she got to convince herself to sleep with you because really she’s not attracted to you sexually! I’m just saying

  2. Sunshine says:

    Flaking is one big sign that she does not want to have sex with you. Sometimes it’s hard for a girl to just say ‘No’ to a guy so she finds other little ways of keeping herself busy and unavailable.

    If a girl really wants you, she will definitely find time to come see you, hands down.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    Wow powerful stuff Reema.

    All the points you made were solid.

    My biggest one was flakes.Obviously if a girl keeps flaking,it’s without a doubt she’s not gonna give it up.

  4. That was a great post. I must say, you hit the nail on the head.

    I settled for a lame blowjob — That was funny, lol.

    Tricking? That will never get anyone anywhere. I do not care what they say or how much they spend. No.Where.Ever.

    Women know off top if sex will be happening. With lesbians though, we usually cut out the bs and get to f*cking, lol.

    • Socialkenny says:

      And I always tell guys this(from what we teach in the pick-up community):women can spot a guy in a split sec’ and know if he’s gonna get the coochie or not.I doubt it’s based on looks but more on the vibes he give off.

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