“Oh NOOOO, he’s like a brother to me…We’re just FRIENDS!!!” Women and Male Friends…Game For Women- Reema Edition

The last game for women post was one of the highest viewed here at the chronicles (thank you). This is a topic that has been debated for years and will continue to be done. I know the homey Kenny spoke about this before. Women with males friends always say the same thing, “I don’t have any women friends because they’re all bitches. Hanging out with men is so much better”. That is definitely a lie. The problem is that a lot of you women just like the attention these lurkers guys give you. Ladies, you really do not have male friends. These same guys that are hanging around you, who are talking to you all the time on the phone and giving off the friendships signs, are really just guys trying to figure out a way to have sex with you. Deep down you women already know this. The attention is too good for most of you to give up. If you really want to meet a true to the game guy, you have to charge these lurkers friends to the game.  Now, I don’t want you all deleting all the male numbers in your phone. I also know that in some cases, a man and a woman are really JUST friends. Here are a few exemptions:  

1. The Man Does Not Find You Attractive- He is just not physically attractive to you but he thinks you’re cool as shit. He could also just be a moist dude. Not a bad thing either way. He talks to you like one of the boys (or girls). When you see him everything is just cool in the game.

2. Relationship With Family Or Friends- He may have dated one of your friends or family. I could understand if you dated one of his cousins, or he dated one of yours. That makes sense that you and him are just friends. I ran into one of my ex’s cousins the other day at the mall. She was looking good as ever. Getting with her was just far from my mind. Doing that would just feel weird. I know a lot of you feel the same way, unless you’re on some freak shit (that’s for another time). 

3. He Wants To Date One Of Your Friends- He will use you as a reference to get with your friends. Perfect example for me was meeting Little Curls. I’m good friends with the girl who took her to my party. I will call her Angie. Angie is a good-looking girl, just not the type you would wife up. She is too much of a party girl. She has a lot of female friends that look as good as her, some better. I use this friendship as an investment. I already knew that if I would have hooked up with Angie first, all her friends would be off-limits. I didn’t want to jeopardize that. This is a smart, player move. The average dude wants to bang anything and everything. A real true to the game man will just friend zone you. A lot of you will even be turned on by this. Don’t act on this. Just let him get with your friends.  

These are the only exceptions for women having male friends because we all know the other guys aren’t really your friends. Ladies, when you meet a new dude and get into a relationship, you can’t be having a bunch of guys you’re talking to as friends. This is disrespectful to your new dude. He may or may not say anything to you. I guarantee it will bother him though. No man wants his girl always hanging out with a bunch of guys. When I’m in a committed relationship with a particular woman, she DOES NOT have any male friend’s lurkers. What do I look like having my girl hanging around random dudes? I usually observe how these guys act around her and it’s obvious they want to bang her. Let’s flip it: Ladies, you would not want some girl calling the crib looking for your man. You would not be okay with that. Especially if he came home late one night and he told you he was with a female friend. The point is to charge these lurkers to the game. If your goal is to be in a committed relationship, these male lurkers are not doing anything to help you. Real men don’t want to date women that have a lot of “guy” friends. It just makes you seem like an attention whore. It will force these guys to man up or back down. You don’t want a man who is too afraid to really make a move on you anyway.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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13 Responses to “Oh NOOOO, he’s like a brother to me…We’re just FRIENDS!!!” Women and Male Friends…Game For Women- Reema Edition

  1. socialkenny says:

    Great post Reema.Thanks for the mention in this article.

    Females get twisted when they actually believe that guys are genuinely wanting to be platonic friends lmao.As you said,the so-called harmless male friend is only waiting for a moment to make his move.He’s basically scheming.Women need to stop being so naive.

    • socialkenny says:

      And the cases you pointed out is basically common sense.The only way a guy is not gonna have any intentions of tapping it is if he’s not attracted to her,he’s trying to get with one of her friends or relative cases.

    • No doubt my dude…I think its half and half. Half of the women know these “male friends” want to bang them. They love the attention. The other half really thinks these guys just want to be friends. I have to put some blame on my fellas. They need to stop trying to grow up with women. Hanging out with different girls for months, even years and not trying to let her know you want to be more than friends.

  2. That would not be cool. A lot of guy friends just doesn’t sit well with me. This something you usually see with the younger girls. They’re still going through the attention whore stage. You don’t usually see older women hanging around a bunch of dudes.

    • socialkenny says:

      No doubt.I don’t have this prob’ with MILF’s.That’s why I can’t see myself ever getting serious with a girl under 21.They haven’t experienced shit yet so they usually all over the place and easily peer pressured.

  3. Under 21 is pointless to date. Bang, Yes Sir!

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  5. serenityluv1 says:

    Wow you are on point here! laughs…I need to add a link to this in my post…so my followers can check this out! Love it

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  7. roxem says:

    Now, although I’m VERY well aware of the fact that all my male “friends” are just hoping for the rare chance to sleep with me (cuz lets face it, I definitely don’t fall in your category #1 lmao)… but still, men can be much better friends than women. Women are coniving little bitches that will try anything to fuck up your life & steal your man… they’ll do whatever to further themselves. NO woman is your TRUE FRIEND. We all have secondary intentions in one way or another…. be it take your man, take your spot at work, gain off your popularity.. etc etc.

    Yes it still gets annoying when your male friends blatantly keep hitting on you & trying to get with you.. you kindly turn them down.. usually they keep coming back lol I don’t know why?? But with the occasional creeper, most of them stay decent. So they are much less stressful of a friend to have than a woman whom you have to watch your back around. Also, men aren’t as emotional & don’t over-analyze everything you say & do as much as women do.. yes I know I’m definitely guilty of this as well!!!… but its annoying as fuck.

    And yes… the attention is obviously a perk =)

  8. I know why they keep coming back! They have that slim HOPE that something might happen. We both know they will never hit it though.

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