“Why would you tell her to come here?” My Birthday Weekend Part 3 (last and final installment)

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I walk back outside with a kool aide smile on my face. I could sense everyone knew something went down but, no one said anything. Mizzle just looks at me and laughs. I give him the salute and grab another greenie. I motion him to come to the kitchen with me. “Yo, TMZ just sent me the text. It’s going down tonight.” He shakes his head in excitement and says, “Ok, let’s finish these greenies and be out.” We walk back outside and continue drinking. Fast forward a few hours. The greenies are finished. Mizzle wants to take a nap before we go. I let him know we would have no such thing. “A nap Mizzle? Stop falling a sleep that’s old man shit.” Showers check, getting fresh to death check. Wait, I don’t even have any clothes like that. I haven’t been home. I remember that I have an overnight bag of clothes/shoes my mom got me for my birthday (thanks mommy). I open the bag and all I can do is laugh. It contains a pair of fitted blue jeans, a v-neck tie-dye shirt my nieces made me and a pair of black loafers. I really don’t feel like going home to get more clothes. This is definitely going to work for the night. I text TMZ to let him know I’m on my way. Time to go enter the madness. On my way to the party, I get a call from a block number. “Hello?” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY REEMA!” Immediately, I recognize the voice. Damn, why did I pick up the phone? This is the only girl who calls me from a restricted number. Ms Independent! Fuck My Life! This was a girl I use to date and it went horrible wrong when the exclusive talk came up. We pretend to catch up and I try to wrap up the phone call. What she says next makes me want to have Mizzle stop the car and go back to his side of time. “Don’t worry; I will see you in a few. I’m at TMZ’s house!” TMZ is a sick kid. He always does things like this. I’m really not surprised, just pissed. Ms Independent always tries to handcuff me when other girls are around. If she sees me vibing with another woman, she will do everything in her power to sabotage my game. Kiss me, call me her husband, etc. I knew tonight would be no different. I already knew how to deal with her. She was not going to stop me from enjoying this little party. But I digress. I walk in and everyone is here. Immediately, a Biggie song pops into my head. “I see some ladies tonight that could be having my baby, baby.” My eye is on this sexy Spanish girl with long curly hair. Let’s girl her Little Curls. She looks young, I’m thinking 18 or 19. Perfect age for me to corrupt have fun with her. My plan was to play a few games of pong with her and get to know her. I’ve done this so many times its like second nature for me. I walk over to the small group she’s in. I do the hug and kiss greeting with all of them. I thank them for coming out to celebrate with me. Little Curls comments on my tie-dye shirt, “What’s up with your shirt?” I smile at the group and say, “My little nieces are struggling designers. They made me this shirt as a birthday gift and I promised them I would wear it.” They all laugh and ask me how old my nieces are. “Oh, they’re 5 and 6.” Awws and laughter follow (Bingo Reema). I can see a little sparkle in Little Curl’s eyes. I leave the group and go grab a beer. Before I can even reach for a beer, Ms Independent is all over me. She hugs me tight and says, “OMG Reema Happy Birthday!” “Thanks Ms. Independent”. She proceeds to tell me how much she misses me and why we never see each other anymore. I’m just thinking of how I can avoid her, so I can talk with Little Curls. Handcuffing in 3, 2, 1…”Let’s go inside and talk Reema? I want to catch up.” I already brought my cuff keys so I say, “I just got here. Maybe later.” I slip her tight grip and go talk to TMZ. “You’re a sick dude man. Why would you tell her to come here?” He laughs and says, “You know I like to mess with you. Let’s see how fast she starts being all over you.” We both laugh and continue talking. I make my way around and talk to everyone. I sign my self up for beer pong and make my way over to the group with Little Curls. Everyone is laughing, drinking and having a good time. This is the perfect time to play some flip cup. Surprisingly, some of these girls have never played flip cup before. This should be interesting. I make sure I’m playing against Little Curls. The first few rounds, I beat her easily. Of course I tease her when I beat her. “Step your game up”. She finally beats me and is high fiving the other girls. Ok, that was fun. Time to play some pong. I lean over to Little Curls, “I need a partner. Let’s go.” She grabs my hand and happily agrees. She lets me know she has never played before. Again, I tease her about her sheltered lifestyle and I don’t know if it could ever work out between us. I set up the cups and here comes Ms. Independent.”Reema, we’re always partners. I want to play with you.” Little Curls just looks at me blankly. I can tell she’s torn. Before she tells Ms. Independent to play, I let her know the night is young, we can play later. I figured she would come back a little later. Nope, she pulls up a chair right next to me. This girl is something else. I can’t let this girl get to me. Time to chop up game with Little Curls. She currently lives in the area I grew up in. We reminisce on a few of the local spots in the area. Ms. Independent is hearing the conversation and jumping in. Each time I just ignore her. No help from Little Curls and we win the first game. I continue to tease her, make her laugh and focus the conversation on her. We get destroyed in the next game. I could tell that she is felling the kid. She asks me the question I was already prepared to answer. “What’s up with you and that girl (Ms. Independent)?” Hearing this many times, I already know how to answer. “We dated in the past. The time I spent with her was cool and we are just friends. That was the past and I’ve already moved on.” After I said this, I heard someone say “notch me homie”. I look behind me and don’t see anyone. I guess that’s just the greenies talking. More time passes by and everyone is still partying. TMZ has helped me out and kept Ms. Independent away from me. He plays flip cup and beer pong with her. She’s looking SMACKED. She makes one last drunken advance at me. Since she is sloppy, it’s easy to just let her know she is drunk. I help her inside and lay her on TMZ’s bed. FINALLY! Back to the party. The party is winding down. My friend assures me the crew of girls are all sleeping over (Little Curls include). Little Curls is still going strong. She wants to continue drinking. My buzz is at its peak and I can feel myself getting borderline sloppy. I run upstairs and splash cold water on my face. Fuck, I may need a cold shower to sober up. I think of another idea. I get a solo cup and fill it with water. I go back to the party and “continue drinking”. After a few cups of water I feel much better. Now, it’s just down to the people sleeping over (7 people). Earlier in the night, I secured the guest bedroom upstairs. This was perfect because everyone would be sleeping downstairs. The rest of the crowd goes inside and it’s just me and Little Curls outside. More flirting/talking. I stop her mid sentence with a kiss. We make out for a quick second and back to just chillen. We both know how this night is going to end. I suggest we go in the guest bedroom to continue drinking. She is a little hesitant at first but, finally agrees. I grab two beers. I lead her around the house (avoiding friends) and go back through the front door. We hit the guest bedroom and I close the door. We finish the two beers we had with us. I make a quick joke about her trying to take advantage of the innocent birthday boy. She playfully slaps my arm. I pull her in and give her another kiss. No resistance. Making out and dry humping occurs. It’s getting hot and heavy. I hear my favorite words, “Get the condom.” Little did she know, I had a fresh three pack and I planned on using all of them. Yup, we did 🙂 Man I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Notch me homie!


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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10 Responses to “Why would you tell her to come here?” My Birthday Weekend Part 3 (last and final installment)

  1. socialkenny says:

    Lmao Miss Independent was playing you close trying to sabotage you situation lol.I’m surprised a verbal at fight isn’t happen between her and Little Curls.But what’s the history with you and Independent?Used to smash or didn’t get that far?

  2. socialkenny says:

    Well at least you blazed little Curl.I thought she would’ve been hesitant because of the Independent thing.Well,the 3-part series is over.

  3. silly_G says:

    Good work 🙂 I had three for for my birthday week. Is it a tie?

  4. I use to date Ms. Independent. Everything was cool in the game until she wanted to have the “let’s be exclusive” talk. I didn’t know how to handle that question (level 1 player shit) and everything went downhill.

    Little Curls was hesitant at first but when I let her know the deal between me and Ms.Independent, it helped. Plus, I’m good friends with one of her good friends (social circle game). Everything just worked out. We both know it doesn’t always happen like that.

    • socialkenny says:

      Ok cool.That’s a good example of how social circle game can work.

      But looking bacc,you regretted not going exclusive with Mz.Independent?Or it’s more like,”She’s not the wifey type”?

  5. Its funny that you ask me that. She is definately not wifey material. I met her when she had a boyfriend and we banged a few times. They broke up and then she started smothering me my life. As you can see, still tries

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