“I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot” Are You Dating A Level 1 Player?…Game For Women Reema Edition

The first installment of game for women was a HUGE success. You ladies were real receptive to the game. I want to build on that and keep helping the women out. Today I want to help you identify if you’re in a relationship, or dating, a level 1 player. All men have a little player in them. That would just be too general. The faster you realize this, the better it will be for you. Don’t try to say you want a man that’s not a player. That is something that will not happen. It all comes down to the level of player you happen to be dating. Currently we have three levels of players. Level 1, level 2 and level 3. Women, you want to avoid the level 1 player at all cost. Time to chop up game! 

Level 1 Player- This is when a guy first becomes sexually active. This guy will be playing dirty with the game. He’s doing what I call “dirty mackin”. A dirty mack is a guy that is just thinking about how much sex he can get from women. He will say or pretty much do anything, to make that happen. 
Level 2 Player- This is the guy that has found a routine that he uses to get women. He is currently trying to find himself as a man. He is starting to travel the world and explore different clutures/women. He is dating many different types of women (black, white, spanish, asian, young, old). Doing this will help him figure out which type of women he wants to settle down with.  

Level 3 Player- This is the guy that already knows the game. He is all about the quality of the women instead of the quantity. He has dated them all. Dimes, extra average women, the sluts. He’s traveled the world and dated many different types of women. He knows what he likes and wants. He is ready to settle down with that one girl. This is the ideal guy you should be trying to get into a relationship with.
The problem is a lot of you women are dating the Level 1 player. BIG MISTAKE! Some of you know, some don’t. I wouldn’t be Reema if I didn’t try to put my ladies up on some good game. Before I forget, sometimes ladies, you need to just do the casual thing. Make sure you are ready for a relationship. A lot of you rush into relationships and end up becoming relationship war veterans (future game for women post). Let me give you some signs to look for, so you know if you’re dating a Level 1 player.

1. Too Much Romance- You just met this guy and he’s already pulling out the red carpet. Poems, flowers, singing songs outside your window. He is saying and doing all the right things. You have to look at all of this and wonder why he is already doing this? Be cautious. If a guy is into you, he will do romantic things and cupcake a little. He won’t take it too far though. A sincere guy will be sincere all the time. He will NOT go out of his way to show you how romantic he is.  

2. Telling On Himself- Level 1 players have not mastered any technique yet. They definitely don’t have their emotions in check. Quick example: Your man comes home late and you casually ask him, “Hey babe, you’re home late. Where were you?” His response will tell you a lot. The level 1 player will start snitching on himself. “Well I wasn’t out fucken anybody.” Women, you know you were not even accusing him of anything. He will continue to keep going and snitching on himself. “You were accusing me of shit baby that’s all. You act like I was at the strip club fucken some bitches.” Just LISTEN to what he says. He will tell you everything you need to know.

3. Forgetting His Lies- Women you have ALL dating guys like this. Level 1 players just say all these crazy lies to try to sleep with women and they quickly forget them. You guys are hanging out together and you bring up something he told you. “Hey babe when are we going to visit your beach house?” He looks at you crazy and says, “What beach house? What are you talking about?” “You know the beach house you told me about when we first met?” “Oh shit baby that foreclosed. They took the house away.” If any of your conversations are anything like that, you’re dating a level 1 player. A Level 2 or Level 3 player will just tell you what is going on. They won’t lie just to get with you.

4. Commitment- If he changes the subject every time you bring up commitment, this is a Level 1 player. Again, a level 2 or level 3 player will not do this. They will just let you know what the deal is. “Listen, we are good right now”, “Let’s take one day at a time”, “I’m just doing me”. How many ladies have heard that? Those are level 2 and level 3 player responses. A level 1 player will just go run away from the question. His responses will also be CRAZY. You ask him about commitment and he has to go help his mom, he can’t talk because he has to fix his work truck, he left the lights on in his room. He will say and do anything to not talk about commitment.

5. Excuses To Slip Away- This is a very important one. I know it seems like a simple one but, usually when this is happening, most of you aren’t even paying attention. Just oblivious to the game. And the excuses are always lame. They just never make any sense. You know when he is giving you these excuses, deep down you know he is just going to text/call the next chick. Some of his excuses will be: he has to always go to the bathroom, he gets a “craving” for Doritos at 1am so he must leave to go to the store, or he needs a red bull for work in the morning so he has to leave for a little. Again, a true to the game man is not going to be doing all of this. He doesn’t disrespect the game. He is not going to slip away to call/text other women. Don’t fall for this.

You have to understand what type of man you’re dealing with ladies. Remember, it all comes down to the level of player the guy you are dating is. DON’T try to change the level 1 player. It’s just going to be a waste of your time. You can use that same energy to upgrade yourself.  Use these tips to your advantage. Charge these level 1 players to the game. It will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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14 Responses to “I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot” Are You Dating A Level 1 Player?…Game For Women Reema Edition

  1. Sunshine says:

    This post is on point. It’s sad that I can come up with multiple examples of guys exhibiting the signs of a Level 1 player.

    Good job Reema.

  2. socialkenny says:

    Big Pun on the intro Lol.Good stuff right here Reema.I can’t begin to point out the many gems in this joint.

    Women need to really get what you’re saying and stop looking for a guy who has no ounce of player in him.It’s like a woman(heterosexual) who doesn’t have a feminin trait in her.

  3. socialkenny says:

    I like the Big Pun into Lol.

    So much gems in this post I can’t begining to point them out.

  4. socialkenny says:

    But chics really need to understand that finding a straight guy who has not 1 ounce of player in him is like tryna find big foot.

    It’s just how much of it she should be looking for.

    A level one player would bone anything.Really thirsty type.

  5. That’s why I wanted to stress that in the beginning. Women have to know that every guy has some player in him.

    I remember some of my Level 1 player days. I played to win. Straight dirty mackin. Of course I was thirsty as ever. Trying to hit on everything in site. Every guy must go through that to really progress in the game.

  6. Nova says:

    Very good job on this one!

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  8. silly_G says:

    Man you made me think…. funny thing is it ended up with the realization that I’m not ready for a Player 3 cause I’m still a level 1 or 2 player myself!!! I think we women get caught in a trap of thinking we want a ‘relationship’ when we really don’t.

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