“It’s NOT that serious”….How To Get Over Being Charged To The Game

Continued from Part 1

Before I get into the game, I want to give you guys a quick story about a time that I got charged to the game so fast, all I could do was cry laugh. I met this girl at the club and the vibe was real mackish. The conversation was just flowing. It was like we were both on auto pilot. We exchanged numbers and set up a night to chill. She was going to come over to the crib for some wine and great sex conversation. During this time, my place wasn’t like it is now. I had a studio apartment the size of a closet. What made matters worst was that it was in the HOOD! Sometimes I was even nervous to come home late at night. I didn’t even have any furniture. I had a few milk crates for chairs and a little futon as a bed. Even though my place was like this, I always dressed fly. I looked like I had money and I always wanted to go after the best looking women. So the girl comes over to the crib and the look on her face is priceless. I offer to heat us up some Campbell’s tomato soup and make a few grilled cheeses. She declined. She didn’t even want to put her bag down. I could tell she was expecting something much different. What happens next is pretty funny. She says to me, “Hey I forgot something in my car. I will be right back.” I use this time to light a few candles, put on some music, and get the mood right. I guess I jumped the gun a little. I hear a LOUD screeching sound. I go outside and immediately smell rubber burning. Damn, this girl just dipped off on me. I did not get emotional and try to swallow any pills. I laughed and kept it moving. Well, of course I ate my Campbell’s and grilled cheese. I did see her a few months later. No hard feelings from me. We said hi and that was it. If a woman dumps you, you must get over it without doing anything crazy. How does a real true to the game man get over being charged to the game? You know I got you guys:

1. Do NOT Have A Pity Party– Again, this comes back to guys getting suicidal. You just stay home all day in your boxers, eating ice cream and looking at her pictures. You may even have a bottle of some Advil. You continue to  look at her pictures and now you’re getting horny. This will just make you more depress. FORGET about the pity party.

2. Stop Reminiscing About The Good Times- This is something a lot of you guys do. Your ex dumps you and immediately you start remembering the good times. This is not the time when you want to look at all the birthday cards she got you. Don’t watch any videos you guys made together. This will make you want to contact her. The goal here is to not get a restraining order. The best thing to do is remember all the crazy shit she did. That will make it much easier for you to get over her. Reminiscing about the good times will not help you do that.

3. Get Your Emotions Out- This is probably one of the number one reasons guys go crazy when a women dumps them. You just have built up emotions and you want to dump it all on the woman. Write it out on paper. You can write the famous “I hate you letter”. You can even write a song about her. Just don’t mail the letter to her, or leave the CD on her windshield. You want to use these things to get your emotions out. Trying to contact her acting crazy will not change her mind about you. Remember, no restraining orders.  

4. Have Sex- I can’t think of another way to get over someone else. You need to go out and have sex. You need something that is as superficial as possible. Don’t go out looking for your new girlfriend. Also, do not take this as a reason to trick. Don’t go around calling escort services. Hit the bars, clubs. This will be your buffer for when you meet your new woman. Your new will always be better than you’re old.

The point of all of this is to remember being dumped is nothing new. Follow these basic tips and everything should be ok.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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6 Responses to “It’s NOT that serious”….How To Get Over Being Charged To The Game

  1. socialkenny says:

    Lmao this post made me almost spill my tea!So true though.The worst thing to do is as you pointed out:staying home eating ice cream doing the couch potato thing.

  2. socialkenny says:

    Point 2 of remeniscing is 1 of the worst.It’s like a mental trap when you remenesce on the good or bad times.

  3. Man, I use to just be sitting in the crib reminiscing. I wasn’t popping Advils or anything like that though lol. Thinking of the good times just made things worst. We’ve all had those needy, or simp moments.

  4. I’m sure they definately do

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