It’s Monday So You Know What That Means!!!! Prospect Update

Even though the Giants are on a free fall (4 loses in a row), this weekend was another great one. I got to close the deal with Pumpkin Spice; I saw Little Mariah and added two new prospects (read below for details). Ok, let me give the people what they want.
Little Lucille Ball (online) Yes– Alive and well. Nothing has changed. She comes over, we hangout and have sex.
Little Mariah (online) Yes– Alive and well. We hit up a few dance spots in my area. She did spend the night and we did NOT have sex. I’m only getting blowjobs and hand jobs. A 15-year-old kid’s dream date. Too bad we’re both 26 years old. I’m going to be patient with this one because of her long-term potential. She’s a cool chick and I like spending time with her. Let’s see what happens.
Little Accents (online) Yes– We have texted back and forth a few times. We agreed to get together this week. The anticipation is building. 
Little Fitness (online) Yes– Another girl I’m texting/calling back and forth with. I tried to get her out but she was “busy”. I told her to just call me when she’s free. She agreed but I’m not putting too much into that. I will be surprise if I hear from her. I may have been charged to the game.  
Little Steelers Girl (online) Yes– Just added. I mentioned this girl before. We were trading messages online and when I went for the number, she told me she was friends with Little J-LO. I gave her my number and told her to call me if she was interested in still having a “friendly drink”. She called me last week. Meeting up with her tonight. Sorry Little J-Lo, you have been replaced by your younger, more attractive friend. 
Little J-LO (online) Yes– charged to the game. Replaced by your friend. That’s what happens when you take too long to hangout with me.
Ex-Fling (online and out& about) No– Alive and well. Still around trying to make plans with me. I told her we can get together this week
Ex-Wifey-Guess whose bizzack- Wait, What? Yes, I’m as surprised as you guys. I thought this was over and done with. She was supposed to be moving a few hours away. She is not moving after all. We spoke briefly over the phone yesterday. We agreed to see each other this week 

Strawberry Short Cake (out & about) Yes– Surprised that she is alive and well. After her finding out about the chronicles, I didn’t know what to expect. Everything is now cool in the game. She ended up making me dinner and we had great makeup sex. 

Pumpkin Spice (out & about) No– Notch me homie haha. Details coming soon.

Little MC (out & about) Yes– Just added. A girl my brother introduced me to yesterday. The vibe was real mackish and we agreed to see each other again. She has already text me to see if I was available later tonight. This one should be easy, breezy 


Sexy Captain Hook, Little Bowler and Banana Bread girl have all been charged to the game. I have a good amount of drink dates lined up this week. Let’s see how this goes.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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3 Responses to It’s Monday So You Know What That Means!!!! Prospect Update

  1. Guestopher says:

    I like your site man!

    Get this, I just stumbled across it because I was looking for “crazy excuses”. I’m trying to write one of those online dating messages that aren’t boring and i need a crazy excuse for missing a show that and the person I want to talk with both like.

    But I saw the post about girls using crazy excuses to not hang out with a guy they aren’t really that interested in anymore. Man does it suck when that happens…

  2. socialkenny says:

    Damn you on a roll son!!

    Yea I wouldn’t put too much hope on Little Fitness neither(about getting bacc).

    LIL J-Lo had it coming lol.I usually get fed ip when they waste time on hanging out.

  3. Just a squirrell trying to get a nut haha. I called her twice to meet up. She was making excuses. I still can’t believe how flakey these online girls can be. This is why I keep adding and subtracting.

    Welcome Guestopher! You have to come to the right place to work on your overall greatness. We chop uo some good game on here. Read some of the archives. And if you have any other questions you can email me

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