“Where is his ID?”…..My Birthday Weekend Part 2

Continued from Part 1

I wake up on Mizzle’s couch still in party mode. It’s my birthday weekend, what would anyone really expect. Time to start drinking. Its 10am so I think back to one of my old college traditions. Good old kegs and eggs. Well, greenies and eggs. For all of you who do not know, a greenie is a Heineken. I know I always say greenies. About time you guys knew what I was talking about. We went to the local supermarket and got the stuff we needed. Mizzle in the kitchen is a nightmare, so I whip everything up for us. Less than twenty minutes later, we are both outside, face deep in a big pile of spinach, tomato, feta cheese scrambled eggs (Classy Sirr!) Wow, that was good. Back to drinking greenies. It was a nice day so we decide to continue drinking outside. Mizzle splits this house with another family. They have a cute daughter that is 22 and of course she is in love with Mizzle. Against my advice, he had sex with her a few times. Anytime we are outside drinking she finds a reason to “lay out”. Today would be no different. This time she invited one of her friends over (She’s 24). I met this girl before and she has a dude and a kid. That means nothing would be happening. Today her friend came with her little sister (she’s 20). Ok, this changes everything. Nope, she’s just a 5. She has a decent body that’s why she gets the average rating. Face is nothing spectacular. She’s not ugly, but nothing exciting about her. Everyone does the kiss on the cheek greeting. Basic small talk all around and my birthday comes up. They all get excited and immediately want to take shots (its 12:30 in the afternoon). Fuck it, it’s my birthday. We do a few shots of horrible Tequila. Back to small talk, more shots. I bring out some cups for a few games of flip cup. The numbers are uneven but, I drink twice each time (my birthday remember). After a few games of this, beer pong time. First it’s me and Mizzle against the three girls. We beat them pretty easily the first few times. They win a game in overtime. Time to switch up teams. I play with little sister. We lose all the games we play (3). Time to turn on the charm cockiness, “I think you’re losing games on purpose to get me drunk. You are such an asshole!” She just laughs and slaps my arm. I don’t let her off the hook yet, “My mom warned me about girls like you. All TROUBLEMAKERS!” She laughs some more and “fuck me eyes” is in the building. Before most people had lunch (it’s 1pm), I have already consumed 10 greenies and shots. The 24 pack we got earlier is now just empty green bottles. Time for another beer run. The local super market is a 10 minute walk. The girls plead with us to not go. Ha, that doesn’t work. Off we go to get the ultimate prize of another 24 pack of greenies. We get to the supermarket and it’s pretty obvious we are drunk. Mizzle and I start fucking around with people. From helping people bag groceries to hitting on ALL the cashiers (young and old), this trip had it all. We leave the supermarket but the debauchery doesn’t stop. We mess with passing cars, people walking on the street. Everything stops when we hear the police sirens. This cop stops us and the conversation goes a little something like this: 

Cop: “Guys, where are you guys going?”

Me: “To our house right around the corner”

Cop: “Do you have ID?”

Me: Here you go (I give my ID)

Cop: “This says you live in [redacted]. You don’t live around the corner. Let me ask you guys again, WHERE are you guys going?”

Me: “I don’t live in the area but, he (Mizzle) does.”

Cop: “Where is his ID?” 

Mizzle: “I don’t have my ID”

Cop: “You guys know I can bring him (Mizzle) in for not having his ID? Forget that, I can bring you both in for being drunk and stupid.”

Me: “Officer, we understand. Today is my birthday and we got a little excited. We really are staying around the corner. You can drive us to confirm.”

Cop: “Ok, then. If you guys are playing around, you’re going to jail!”

We get in the back of the car and drive off. We are both NERVOUS as FUCK! We arrive at his crib and the girls confirm our story. The cops let’s us go and tells me Happy Birthday (thanks homie). Phew! That was close. The girls are freaking up. After the shock wears off, everyone is back at it. More drinking in the backyard. I’m drinking a little slower this time because I want to sober up. Little sister hasn’t left my side since. She’s asking me all the questions about my life. Of course I only answer with vague responses and focus the conversation back on her. Making her laugh and teasing is involved. My buzz is still strong and the possibility of easy sex starts to creep in my mind. I quickly say to myself, “Pump the breaks Reema! Don’t let greenie goggles get the best of you.” I look over and what to you know, Mizzle is smiling from ear to ear with the daughter. I know he’s going to have sex with her. Older sister’s boyfriend shows up. We explain our recent run in with New York’s finest. He just laughs and calls us “lucky”. More drinking/everyone talking. I guess little sister is getting drunk because she is touching me more and more. Easy, Tiger. I go back in the house to grab my cell phone. I know TMZ would be hitting me up about tonight. You guys already know what happens next. Little sister is right behind me when I turn around. I give her the side eye and say, “Why are you following me weirdo?” She grabs me and tries to kiss me. I push her away. That doesn’t stop her. Fuck it, it’s my birthday. We do a little making out and she reaches right for the black mamba. “I want this!” she says. I say, “Wait, they can come inside and see this. Let’s go in Mizzles room!” Once in Mizzle’s room, its ON! Immediately my pants drop to the floor.  She grabs the mamba and WOW, she definitely knows what she’s doing. Spitting, jerking, deep throating. She took it all. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I release little Reema’s and she swallows them all. We both have a laugh and clean up. I heard my phone vibrating but I couldn’t answer it. When I walk back outside, I have a text from TMZ that says,“Yo, [redacted] is bringing a few girls when she comes by later for your bday! Get ready for madness!” I had to do a quick double take because I’m still feeling drunk. Yes, my eyes are correct. I just laugh to myself. This is definitely feeling like the birthday that keeps giving! To be continued…..  


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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7 Responses to “Where is his ID?”…..My Birthday Weekend Part 2

  1. socialkenny says:

    Lmao yo that post had me cracking up like hell!

    I can imagine Y’all messing with ppl tipsy off the greenies lol.I usually try to embody that boyish/playful vibe when I’m out like y’all were doing at the supermarket lol.Popo caugh y’all wrong time lmao.

  2. socialkenny says:

    I’m feeling your game more and more Reema.The same way you dealt with the young thing using push-pull,being cocky,playing hard to get in a sense…that’s the shit that gets the girl Intrigued and attracted.Well,you end up getting some dome so it all worked out lol.

    What up with part 3?

  3. Greenies= great time. The minute we entered the supermarket we were acting crazy. People weren’t mad at us either. They all laughed and played along. One of the cashiers even wanted to come back and drink with us (I still have her number lol).

    My strong suits are push pull, cocky/funny and keeping the mystery. I like to make women work for everything. Even basic info like my name lol.

    Part three is coming. I can’t just post all of them back to back. Everything is already written out though. My birthday was in September

    • socialkenny says:

      Oh yea I forgot to mention being vague when it comes to answering questions/typical boring ones.

      A lot of dudes go wrong when they give direct answers instead of making the girl work as you said.

      If a chic asks me what do I do?I’ll tell her some hilarious shit like “I collect cans for a living”.

      But the key point you made Reema is that you should always steer the convo away from boring shit that isn’t gonna help the situation,and turn it bacc to her or back to anything interesting.

  4. It took me sometime to remember to answer everything vague. Now it is like second nature.

    ahaha I’m using your “I collect cans for a living” answer. That’s great. I usually say “I’m a professional Origami Maker.”

    • socialkenny says:

      Lol no doubt.

      Anything is better than giving a direct answer which is usually boring,”Oh I’m a security guard,I work at the library,Construction…Typical boring stuff.

      Origami making & Picking up cans are boring too but it builds intrigue and questions which lead to other good things happening.

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