Yup, My Life Is Like A Movie..Californication Reema Edition Part 2

First off, let me say I was not going to post this today. I was going to talk about last night with Little Mariah. Last night she told me she was a VIRGIN!!!! Wait, What? Yup, I said the same thing. A 26-year-old Virgin. Details on that will be coming soon. But I digress….Ok, back to the story at hand
We wake up around 11 and I figured we are both feeling good about last night. I could sense something was not right with Little Cuzzo. “What’s good my dude?” Little Cuzzo looks at me frustrated and says, “I should have fucked her Reema. I didn’t push hard enough.” I tell him to shake that shit off. I wanted him to remember that tonight would be the perfect opportunity for him to meet more women and work on his game. We go to the near high school and play some Tennis. Little Cuzzo played good, but he still doesn’t have the mental toughness to beat me. It was closer than when we played last time though. For all my Tennis fans, the score was 6-4, 7-5, 6-1. Ok, time to call my cousin about tonight. Tonight was going to be a great night. The sorority would be having a “Corporate Joes and Secretary Hoes” theme party. She wanted us to come a few hours earlier to start pre-gamming and she would introduce us to the girls (thanks cuz). Not only was this a perfect idea, the theme was even better. I already packed a few suits for the trip. I decided to wear a fitted, three-piece light cotton khaki suit (I would take the jacket off later). I matched that with a fitted baby blue shirt, dark brown pocket square, dark brown wingtips and brown watch. Little Cuzzo had an old church suit. I couldn’t let him go out like that. I let him wear my fitted grey suit. He matched it with a fitted navy blue shirt, navy blue pocket square and black loafers. On the cab ride over, we chop up some game. I let Little Cuzzo know tonight is the night to go HARD. You have to be bold with your game. I’m leaving tomorrow so I’m making sure I go in. Most college girls are just looking for un-attached sex anyway. I was definitely going to take advantage and I wanted him to do the same. The best thing about tonight was that his sister a.k.a. my cousin already put in a good word with the other girls. We stop at the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Patron and a few limes. We arrive at the sorority house and it’s exactly as I expected. My cousin greets us at the door and we get the grand tour. Ten girls live here including my cousin. Ok, all these girls can definately get it. We get the introductions out-of-the-way and immediately the vibe is real mackish. Compliments and sexual tension are already in the air. Little Cuzzo has the biggest smile on his face. Let me talk to him before his head explodes. “Little Cuzzo, remember your sister already put in a good word. Make it rain with conversation, escalate the right way and you will be good.” I knew the last part would be difficult for him. That’s just part of the game growing pains. I look around and something is missing. “Where is Little Tiki Sumpter?” “That’s the girl I want.” Next on my list is Little A, my cousin’s roommate. After about 15 minutes of small talk, I bust out the Patron shots. Little A has a brilliant idea. She says, “Body Shots!” She willingly offers up her sexy body. Ok, I will take two shots. I make sure I grab the lime a little slower and make the kisses HOT! Little Tiki finally shows up. Yup, she’s a dime. She looks even better in person. We do the hug and kiss on the cheek greeting. We try to have Little Tiki join in on the body shots. She politely declines. I’m not going for her innocent act. I know I have to put my bid in before this place gets packed. God knows how many thirsty followers guys she will have around her. I have about 30 minutes before it gets crazy. Time to chop up game with her. Remember, I’m leaving tomorrow so I don’t give a fuck. If she’s not with it, Little A is a great fall back option. I walk up to Little Tiki; take her by the hand and say, “I want to talk to you for a second. Let’s go!” She just laughs and says, “Boy where are you taking me!?” I ignore this and take her outside to the deck. You guys already know I’m doing what I do best; teasing her, making her laugh and focusing the conversation on her. She asked me what I was doing in town. I told her I was here for an Origami convention. She playfully slaps my chest. I do find out some interesting things about her. She’s going to school for psychology, she grew up a few towns from where I currently live (this was big) and she loved Tennis, but sucked at it. We really connected on Tennis and different things about her home town. She went to one of the rival schools. Of course I tease her about that. We laugh and joke about going to some of the same spots. Then, I go for the kiss. She leans back at first, smiles and says, “You do this all the time, don’t you?” I did the only thing that was necessary. I put my finger on her lips and went in for the kiss again. This time no resistance. (YES FUCKEN SIRRR). We talk for a little longer and go inside for the party. The local frat is here and they bring the DJ, jungle juice and kegs. In less than an hour, the placed is packed. I go grab a greenie and hit the dance floor. I dance with a few girls, nothing crazy. I see Little A and it’s ON! She starts dropping it low on me. Dirty dancing, Yes Sir. This goes on for about 30 minutes. Time for more Patron shots. Little Tiki comes in the kitchen and takes a shot with us. Little Cuzzo comes in the kitchen with this girl Jess B. She’s roommates with Little Tiki. They’re all over each other. Just making out in front of all of us. Jess B is bad so I let him do his thing. Back to the dance floor. Little Tiki comes next to me and starts dancing on me. I lead her to a different part of the dance floor to do our thing. After a few songs, I try to kiss her. She pulls back and just smiles. I look over and see a group of dudes just grilling the shit out of me. I grab her closer, look over and smile. Fuck you guys haha. I guess these are her groupie dudes. Nothing is probably going down with her tonight. I let her go and keep it moving. I go back to the kitchen and grab another greenie. I’m just chillen and enjoying the scene. Little A finds me and grabs me to dance with her. Time for more dirty dancing. A quick make out and I escalate in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you later. You’re gonna cum so many times.” She grabs my dick and says, “Promise?” We both laugh and continue dancing. After a few songs, I grab another greenie. I’m starting to feel nice. Little A follows me into the kitchen. We do another body shot. I’m a shot, or grennie away from being SMACKED! I need to stop drinking for a little. Fuck that, I’m leaving tomorrow. I know I’m going to fuck her, it’s just a matter of where. I can go in my cousin’s room. I see my cousin with her dude. I go over and chop it up with them. I bust his balls about my cousin. He’s a cool kid. He has my blessing. Little A wants to go back to the dance floor but I need to put my jacket away. It’s hot as fuck right now. We go upstairs to put my jacket in my cousin’s room. When I open the door, Little Cuzzo is in here with Jess B (YEA BUDDY!) I fuck around with them “What are YOU guys doing?” Jess B laughs and says nothing. Little Cuzzo is on the bed in chill mode. He just looks at me. That’s when I knew it was going down. Ok, I have to make this work. We are going to fuck both of them tonight. “Guys, I will be right back.” I have to tell my cousin so she doesn’t come to her room. I find her and give her the great news. “Yo, we’re going to be fucking chillen in your room for a bit. Don’t worry about us.” We laugh and I go back in the kitchen and grab four greenies. I’m thinking old school and about playing spin the bottle. I think back to my last sexcapade and it started with spin the bottle. I laugh to myself and run go upstairs. I enter the room and immediately lock the door. I go sit next to Little A. It’s me and Little A on one bed and Little Cuzzo and Jess B on the other.  We drink our grennies and continue to chop up game. The sexual tension is STRONG! I know for sure something is going down. I have to make the first move. Spin the bottle time. I set the ground rules. “Obviously, I won’t be kissing Little Cuzzo. If we spin and it lands on one of us, you guys will kiss.” Everyone agrees and we get a couple spins in. The ladies make out a few times and it’s getting hot. I lead Little A back on to her bed and we start kissing. We’re touching each other all over. I kiss on her neck and behind her ear. She grabs me tight and lets out a moan. She pulls my dick out and starts giving me head. Little Cuzzo and Jess B are just watching us laughing. Before long, Jess B is giving Little Cuzzo head. I stop Little A and go over to Jess B. She is a little hesitant at first. Then, she starts giving me head (Ok, it’s going to get freaky in here). Little A joins in on the fun. Clothes start coming off. Everyone is naked and ready for fun. I bring out the magic fingers for Little A. Little A is moaning and enjoying me hit the G spot. The moans get louder. Yup, she’s cumming. I laugh and show Little Cuzzo the technique. He gets into it with Jess B. I pull Little A’s legs sky-high and start doing my thing. Yup, Jess B is cumming from magic fingers. Little Cuzzo is excited. I yell over to him, “You better start fucking her”. I forget about them and get into the zone with Little A. Multiple positions and hair pulling? Yes Sirr. I push Little A to go join in with them. She goes over and starts making out with Jess B while Little Cuzzo is hitting it. I’ve done this before so none of it is surprising. Little Cuzzo hasn’t stop smiling. Ok, back to the action. Time for a switch and I grab Jess B. I thrust deep inside her. We have our fun and she gets the same treatment as Little A. Hair pulling and multiple positions. Switch and its back on. Oops, I cum. Fuck, I couldn’t hold it anymore. Little A was backing that ass on me. More for Little Cuzzo and everyone finishes. Ladies that was fun! We clean up and we go back to the party. Its pretty obvious something naughty went down. Everyone can’t stop smiling. My cousin picks up on this and says “You guys are NASTY!” I just smile and keep it moving. We all hit the dance floor for a final few dances. The girls want us to stay for round 2 but we decline. We thank cousin for a GREAT time. I will be back in Cali soon. Little Cuzzo is high fiving me during the cab ride home. All he keeps saying is how he can’t believe how everything happened. My only response is, “Welcome to the good life homie!” Man, I love my fucken life! Wait, double Notch me homie.Cali style

I’ve spoken to Little A since everything went down. She wants me to hurry up and come to Cali. I also spoke to Little Tiki. She wants to get together when she comes in New York in a few weeks. I guess the girls didn’t say anything (good look ladies). Before I forget, Little Cuzzo sent me a text letting me know he had sex with LCC. He also had sex with Jess B again. I’m proud of my dude. I know he’s reading this so “Little Cuzzo chill with all the damn smiley faces my dude. I’m going to help you with your text game when I see you in a few weeks.” He’s coming to New York in a few weeks when school goes on winter break.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Eat a lot, drink a lot and enjoy the good times with your friends and family. I know I will!

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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9 Responses to Yup, My Life Is Like A Movie..Californication Reema Edition Part 2

  1. socialkenny says:

    What!A 26-yer old virgin!?Is that possible lol?

    Little Cuzzo getting it in.A little help from you with his text game and he’ll be skyrocketing next lol.

  2. I didn’t think a 26 year old Virgin was possible. It actually makes me want her more now. I can’t let that show though. I’m seeing her tonight. Let’s see if I can finally close the deal!

    See Little Cuzzo already had a few things going for him. He has below average social skills. His text game is horrible. He responds within seconds and sends way too many 🙂 Help is on the way lol

  3. Nah, not yet. Its 7:30pm and I’m not seeing her for another hour.

  4. I’m East coast time, I live in New York.

    I met up with Little Mariah and just like last time, we met closer to my job instead of the crib. I’m cock blocking myself with horrible logistics. The night ended with dry humping and making out like teenagers in the back seat of her car. Why am I ok with this? Maybe because I’m currently having sex with other girls. I actually like the fact that she’s making me wait for it. This never happens and the anticipation is building. I appreciate hanging out with her more. Wait, I sould like such a pussy right now. I need to get it together. Fuck that, I need to STOP cupcaking and close the deal lol.

    • socialkenny says:

      Lmao logistics are always the worst thing to fuck up a lay.

      Well,at least you did something opposed to just chatting in the car lol.Since you banging other girls anyway,it wouldn’t hurt to go along for the ride and anticipation shit.

      BTW I grew up in NY my whole life so we got that NY connection going lol.

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