My Birthday Weekend Part 1

This happened early September 2011…….Now that I’m getting a little older, (I’m 26) I treat birthdays a little different. I’ve been having big birthday parties since I was 3 years old. It all started at chunky cheese and ended with Bacardi sponsoring my last birthday party. With that being said, now I just like to enjoy my birthdays with a few friends and maybe hit up a few of my local spots. I was determined to do that this year, but my friends wanted no part of that. I get a call from TMZ that goes a little something like this: “Yo, (redacted new bar) tonight and then mini house party at my house tomorrow.” My only response was, “YEA BUDDY.” Fast forward a few hours later and we arrive at the new bar. Wow, this place is poppin. All the bartenders are hot (my favorite), and the girls in here are looking good. Tonight’s going be a good night. This is more of a sports bar, but that didn’t stop all the girls for wearing the tightest dresses, and stripper heels. You guys know I’m already fresh to death. Grey fitted three piece suit (I only wore the vest and pants), light purple shirt, black wingtips and a black watch. Immediately, I’m getting looks from different girls. I make hard eye contact with a few of them and break it with a sly smile. When I enter a new bar, club or house party, I don’t immediately start approaching women. I make sure I’m having fun with my friends friends. Laughing, smiling, joking, just an overall good vibe. After about 45 mins of this, two girls walk past Mizzle and I, and one of them purposely bumps into me. “Hey, WTF is wrong with you?” Shocked, she looks at me and says, “Sorry cutie.” With a straight face I say, “Cutie? Don’t talk to me like that.” Then, I smile and pull her in. “Come over here.” We chop up game. Five minutes later, I’m bored. On to the next. I look across the bar and this girl is eye fucking the shit out of Mizzle. He doesn’t even notice it. “Mizzle go talk to her!” He goes and talks to her. He comes back and tells me it’s a girl from online he’s been messaging back and forth with. I approach one of the bartenders that I made good eye contact with earlier in the night. She buys me a birthday shot and we chop it up. We connected on various topics, with me teasing and making her laugh. I will go back and see her again another time. It’s time for us to make moves. I’m looking for Mizzle and his online girl yells my name. “Reema, where you going?” I tell her “I’m leaving, you and your friend coming with us to (great dance spot)?” Her eyes light up and she happily agrees. I find Mizzle and give him the good news. He goes, pulls the whip around but, I don’t see the girls. I’m not waiting, or chasing after them. I wait five minutes and no sign of them. Oh well, we will see them again. Off we go to the second spot. When we get inside, it’s everything we hoped for. Hot girls, great music. This is why I love this place. We grab shots, greenies and make our way to the dance floor. I chug my greenie and start getting my dance on. Two girls circle Mizzle and I, and start grinding on us. I dance for a little, time to keep it moving. I see a cute blonde with a tight dress on. I take her hand and lead her in to dance with me. I turn her around and she starts dropping it low. While the song is playing, I’m singing the lyrics in her ear. She is loving this and is moving my hands all over her body. She even let’s me feel under her dress. “Ok, Reema pump the breaks”. After a few songs of dirty dancing, I make my way over to the bar. More drinks/shots. When I get back to the dance floor, I see this sexy girl dancing on the speakers. Of course, guys are trying to pull her down and stand around her. I see this and make my way over. I dance with her friend who is not on the speakers. While her friend is grinding on me, I make eye contact with sexy speaker dancer, give her a wink and motion her to come down from the speaker. She doesn’t come down. I continue to dance with her friend for a few more songs. I fall back and make my way back to the bar. I grab another greenie, back to the dance floor. Sexy speaker girl is now off the speaker and making her way over to me. She tries to dance with me and I push her away. Of course she loves this and comes right back. I push away with a firm No! I dance by myself, greenie in hand, enjoying my birthday. Mizzle sees me turn her down, so he tries and pull it for himself. She rejects him and I just smile at her. On her third try, I accept her dance request. I whisper in her ear, “Third time is a charm right.” She smiles and we get our dance on. I know this girl is just a tease. She’s not here for anything but validation. I get my few songs of dirty dancing in and make moves. More shots/greenies and dirty dancing with other girls. Every time sexy speaker girl saw me dancing with another girl, she would look at me and give me a provocative look. All I could do is smile and keep doing my thing. It’s almost 4am and it’s getting dead in here. I look around, don’t see anything worth taking home and grab Mizzle to go. On the way home, we chop up the great night we just hard. Little did we know, the best part of my birthday weekend was yet to come…….

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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9 Responses to My Birthday Weekend Part 1

  1. socialkenny says:

    I like your fashion sense with the fitted and 3-piece…That’s my shit right there.Gets the girls’ eyes turning.

    Nice game with the girls who passed you and you said cutie lol.

    The average guy would totally fucc that up by saying something cheesy.

  2. Thanks homie. Fashion has always been something that I was into. I used to only be dressed if I was going out to a bar/club. Now its a 24/7 thing for me. This has helped my game the most. Random women starting approaching me. The women I would approach would be more receptive to me.

    I always just say what I’m thinking at that moment when I’m dealing with woman. I not a fan of pick up lines or routines. Sometimes it works and sometimes the girls hates me lol.

  3. I will post it later this week. I still have to post part 2 of my Cali trip. I have some good stuff just waitng for me to touch up and post.

  4. himisskate says:

    Wow…I love reading about your game…learning alot…

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