Step Your Standards Up- Time To Charge “Extra Average” Women To The Game

In the past, I have written about standards when dealing with women. Click here and here. I did mention lowering your standards to improve with women. I had no idea you guys would take it to another level. The emails started coming in and they all looked very familiar: “Reema, I’m dealing with this girl and we are having a lot of problems. She’s lying to me, cheating on me, and staying out all crazy hours of the night. She is driving me CRAZY!” After chopping up good game with these guys, they sent pictures of the women. The majority of these women were two’s and strong threes. That shit pissed me off. You don’t go through all that for an extra average female. Some of them were not ugly but, they were just extra average. They haven’t been upgraded. These women stay extra average because a lot of you guys don’t have it in you to upgrade a woman. We currently live in a thirsty, trickin and cucpcaking dude environment. This means, they’re a lot of guys out there giving women props for nothing. This is why we have celebrities who are famous for nothing (Jersey Shore, Kardashians). Remember, readers of the chronicles strive to be different. I want you guys to start requiring more from the women you deal with. You have to STOP cupcaking with threes and fours. Put the guitar and roses down. The crazy thing is that these women know that they’re extra average. But, when they see a cupcaking guy with his heart on his sleeve, they start to act brand new. It is even worse on facebook and twitter. You guys know what I’m talking about. These same women put up pictures and you guys go crazy. You start liking the picture five times. Crazy comments start flowing in: “So Hot”, “Wow Sexy”, “Perfection”, “Yup U Bad”, “Girl you fine as wine”. STOP co-signing average shit. You see pictures with these average women with a grey goose bottle, and you guys are back with more extras. “Damn Girl YOU Ballin”, “You doing it BIG!” CUT that shit out. That’s not ballin. I have to blame the guys for this. I can get on the women, but it’s mostly on the guys. A lot of guys are just not receptive to game. Game is NOT all about getting laid. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle. It’s about holding yourself to a higher standard. Average standards are not a good look. As a man, you must start thinking extraordinary. You want to make sure you have an original swag. A swag that stands on its own. You do not want to be on some thirsty scavenger shit. Thirsty dudes usually travel in packs and they feed off each others thirstiness. You want no part of that. If your swag is right, you can upgrade a chick with no issues. That is essentially the mans job. Protect and upgrade his woman. Extra average women think I’m bougy. Which I am, to them. I have no problem upgrading a female if she comes at me correctly. They know I won’t fuck with them otherwise. This is why I hear, “You look like you ONLY date white women” (far from the truth). I hear that from different races of women. And my black guys are extra cupcaking when dealing with an extra average white woman. You guys think you hit gold. Give all that shit up guys. Start looking for women that are doing something with themselves. Stay away from hood rats. Stay away from women that frequent all-star weekends and spring break events. Stay away from women who look up to the Jersey Shore girls or, the women on the show Basketball Wives. Charge these women to the game. It will be the best thing you have ever done. You guys are not supposed to be going through all this headache and heartache for these lackluster women. You can utilize the same energy and start going after attractive quality women. The “dimes”, as I like to call them. Step your standards up. If you step it up, the women will.  

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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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12 Responses to Step Your Standards Up- Time To Charge “Extra Average” Women To The Game

  1. Nova says:

    It plays both fields, a guy have to have his life together before a good woman will stick around. It is true, it is a challenge to get the gold, but it is ever so rewarding. Plus, once you have it, better work on keeping it. If she will work on it too, of course. Work for it, and you shall receive. 😉

  2. I agree with that. See a lot of guys have such low standards. The same energy they put into dealing with extra average woman, they could use to improve themselves. And the funny thing about this is that dealing with attractive, quality women is SOOOO much easier. You don’t have to jump through all these hoops (despite what the PUA’s say). I’m going to post something on dealing with attractive, quality women.

  3. socialkenny says:

    Lmao at 2’s and 3’s.Lmao this is a hilarious post right here bro.It’s so true though when it comes to the way average guys/betas react to plane Janes.

    For instance-online,once I see a girl get more than 3 likes on her pic:I don’t press like(on Facebook).As expected,I don’t give compliments.And if I do,it’s something off-hand and plain.Nothing to swell their friggin heads.

  4. socialkenny says:

    Another great point you made was lowering standards in order to improve.I actuall wrote a blog about that key point.

    But like you said,guys took that shit to a new low LMAO.

  5. When I go on Facebook sometimes I see a girl that really does look good in her picture. Even if I wanted to, I can’t press like or give her a compliment. It will just get lost with all the thirsty dudes. That’s why I just don’t say anything.

    haha they definitely took it to another level. Like I said before, I’m working on a post on dealing with attractive woman.

    • socialkenny says:

      Lol few times,I can recall saying to the girls,”why all those dudes making those weird-ass comments on your pic”?The girl would always reply by trying to make it seem ok that those guys were saying shit like,”You’re very pretty”.Funny thing is,the guys never re reply when I say that they’re being weird.

  6. Andrew Rowley says:

    [inserts applause]

    Dude… I think this all of the time! This is why I deleted Facebook and stopped using Twitter for a while because the thirst is serious out here. Everything is dry.

    I agree with this because I see far too many guys gassing women up. Now, I feel like if you’re with that girl then make her feel like the only girl in the world… if she deserves it. If she’s a great fit for you with a good heart and blah blah, then make it happen.

    However, gassing up the twitpic flares is a no-go on all cylinders. It really needs to stop. Great post man. I laughed my way through this and lost my place like 3 times ahahah.

    • socialkenny says:

      Lol yo Andrew,you giving some solid advice man!Now I’m starting to believe you’re a dating guru on the low lol.

      Anyway,it kills me when dudes gass up strangers on Facebook & twit pics.As you said,it’s bad for business.

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