Prospect Update

I’m just going to jump right into it.

Little Lucille Ball (online) Yes– Alive and well. Right now we see each other once a week to satisfy our sexual cravings. Everything is cool in the game. Just enjoying the ride.

Little Mariah (online) Yes– Alive and well. The second date was cool in the game despite the fact all those random women were approaching me. See here. She’s already told me how much she likes me. I need to close the deal on this ASAP. I decided that I’m going  to her birthday party. It’s this weekend. I will update you guys on that next week.

Little Fitness (online) Yes– I don’t know. I was supposed to call her but I never did. I’m going to call her tonight. I already know how flakey online girls can be. I can’t let a girl that looks this good just slip away without trying to put my bid in.

Little J-LO (online) Yes– I don’t know. I called her to grab drinks but she said she couldn’t. That was my second attempt to set something up with her. I don’t chase women. I told her I wasn’t going to call her anymore. If she wants to meet up she can call me. 50/50 this one is charged to the game.

Ex-Fling (online and out & about) No- Alive and well. She’s been calling me to meet up. I just haven’t had the time to see her. She can still get it so I will give her a night of fun.

Little Rockland (online) Yes- Alive and well. Long fuse game is doing what it is suppose to. I will be in her area next week to see my family so I will squeeze her in.

Strawberry Short Cake (out & about) Yes– Alive and well. We had a nice dinner the other night. She’s is staying around.

Sexy Captain Hook (out & about) Yes– Alive and well. We didn’t get to see each other outside of the Sunday Funday spot. She still texts me inviting me out places. I told her I would make time for her.

Little Bowler (out & about) No– Charged to the game. After we had sex on back to back nights, I’ve not heard/seen her since. I knew this was going to happen. When I ran into her, she had just broken up with her boyfriend. They are probably trying to work it up. Good for them. I already deleted her number from my phone.

Pumpkin Spice (out & about) No– This is the infamous “I like the dark ones” girl from my second date with Little Mariah. I had to downgrade her long-term potentional because of her reckless behavior. She called me last night but I was already with Little Lucille. I will call her back sometime this week. She’s getting the pick em up, bang em, and drop them off treatment! 

Banana Bread Girl (online) No – Just added. This was a girl that I was trading messages back and forth with online. I went for the number close and never heard from her. She waited a month and emailed me the other day. I guess she’s not messing with as many dudes as before. She lives in the same area as Little Rockland. I will go see her after I see Little Rockland.


You guys all know that I decided to give online dating a break. I logged on today to check some messages different random women sent me. Two of the girls were actually attractive. I responded to them and then realized one of the girls is actually friends with Little J-Lo. Oh well, she looks better than Little J-Lo anyway.

Little Frathouse Update: Yesterday was her birthday and she called/text to invite me out. I didn’t respond and I sure as hell didn’t go. I’m done with this girl. Officially charge to the game!


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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6 Responses to Prospect Update

  1. silly_G says:

    Ha. And I thought I’ve had a big roster at times! If I get more than 3 “alive and wells”, I start mixing up their details, such as their first names 😀

  2. haha…I’m seasoned now. I’m trying to get this roster down to about one to three girls.

  3. socialkenny says:

    Little Mariah seems to be the best bet for the bang.

    I really can’t see that going wrong unless you play it too cool and too safe.

  4. I’m going to her birthday party this weekend. I usually don’t do group dates before the bang but I’m going to switch it up. I will update next week

  5. Little Mariah doesn’t know about it. Little Lucille does read it and she actually likes it. She tries to give me different suggestions haha. Little Frathouse found out about the blog from one of her “guy friends” (white knight) looking for advice on online dating (Google). I use the same nicknames on here as I do with these women in person, so it wasn’t hard for him to put everything together.

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