“I prefer the dark one sometimes” My Second Date with Little Mariah

I skipped chopping up the first date because it was a standard first meet/date. We grabbed a few beers at a local bar and got to know each other. Of course, I was doing everything I do best; teasing, making her laugh and focusing the conversation on her. By just listening, she told me everything I needed to know. This girl’s life is really boring. All she does is work and come home. Occasionally she will go out with friends for drinks. I still didn’t assume that she didn’t have at least one guy currently hitting it. That’s a future topic though. She also told me she loved karaoke and beer. This would come in handy later. We end the night with a steamy make out session at her car. I knew Date 2 would happen; it was just a matter of when. For those who didn’t figure it out yet, I call her Little Mariah because she sings. Mariah Carey was one of her “inspirations” growing up. I already knew where I would take her for our second date. In my area, they have a beer brewery and on certain nights they have karaoke. AND NO, I wasn’t planning any duets of peaches and herb. Guys, it’s important to just listen to women. As long as I the is vibe right, I was on my way to my newest notch. (maybe she would sing while I pulled her hair?) Ok, I digress. The next step was building her anticipation for a second date. We talked a few days after the first date and she ask me when I was free to see her again. I let her know I’m busy, but I already have something planned for us. I DIDN’T tell her what it was though. The next day she texts me “are you going to tell me what we’re doing?” My response is, “Yes, when the time is right.” She comes back with, “I LOVE the mission impossible theme to our dates.” Remember that before the initial meet, I always send a “mission statement” telling  girls what is going down. I won’t leave you guys out and not tell you. “(Insert Nickname), your mission is to show up at (x place) between the times of (x and x). You MUST bring bucket loads of fun energy! This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.” Little things like this make you stand out and seem original. Women like little things like this. Finally, I wait until my schedule frees up and I called her to set up plans. I can’t even describe the excitement Little Mariah had in her voice when I told her what we were doing. It got even better when she said, “That’s perfect because I don’t have to wake up early the next morning.” Time for the date. I arrive over thirty minutes late (not planned). She texted me three times to make sure I was still coming. I didn’t respond until her last text. I just told her I was three hours away (I was walking inside). When I step inside, I immediately make eye contact with a few cute girls. Two of them smile at me. All I can do is smile back and keep it moving. I have other things to work on first. I get to the table Little Mariah was at and this guy lame was doing a magic trick (Really Guys?). She immediately dismisses him when she sees me. She apologizes right away to me. I just tease her about doing magic tricks in the bar. We do the standard kiss on the cheek greeting. I DO NOT apologize for being late. I don’t even bring it up. Time for drinks. When I walk up to the bar, this older woman stops me and says, “Wow, you’re hot! If I was twenty years younger, the things I would do to you.” I just laugh and say thank you. She goes a step further and gets her cougar crew involved. Now I have four older women telling me how much they want to fuck me. Ok cougar crew; let me order my drinks dammit. This place is a brewery and they have different beer sampling. I order one of them. You get 8 different beer selections that they make in-house. They bring everything out on a long board. It looks pretty cool and only cost me $10. When I get back to the table, it’s like the whole place is looking at me. Am I the only person to ever get this? What happens next is just something I can’t make up. Three random girls immediately approach our table and compliments me on my drink selection. Then, one of the girls at the table next to us, SITS down next to me and tells me about the different beers. Then she points to one of the darker beers and says, “This one is GOOD! I prefer the dark one sometimes.” She gives me a seductive smile and we laugh. She points to Little Mariah and says, “She likes dark all the time.” WTF is going on right now? Fast forward ten minutes and this girl I haven’t seen in a few months comes to the table. She asks me if I’m on a date. Then proceeds to tell me that she misses me and we need to hangout soon. Ok, this is just getting crazy. For all of you in shocked like I was, let’s recap the first thirty minutes of the date:

1. Older woman tells me she wants to fuck me.

2. Older womans friends agree that they would all fuck me.

3. Three random girls approach my table and compliment my drink selection.

4. Random girl is hardcore flirting with me in front of my date.

5. A girl I haven’t seen in a few months comes to my table, tells me she misses me and we need to hangout soon.

I have to give it up to Little Mariah though. She was calm while all of this was going on. I know some girls would have started going crazy and would have fucked the date up. Before I forget, I’m wearing dark blue jeans, red/blue/grey/light brown fitted button shirt, red tie, tie bar and dark brown loafers. I don’t wear a watch. Ok, back to date. We chop up game. The first date/meet she mentioned that she was having a birthday party. She didn’t want it to seem weird so she stopped herself. She begins to tell me that all her friends are excited to meet me because she spoke highly of me. Wow, she’s already speaking in the future tense. She continues to being up her birthday throughout the night. She keeps telling me how much she wants me to go. If we have sex tonight, I may think about it. More conversation/heavy flirting. Little Mariah excuses herself to the bathroom. You guys already know what happens next. The girl who sat down next to me to let me know she “likes the dark one” comes back and asked me if I enjoyed my beer. I just keep it 100 and say, “You know I’m on a date. You have to chill. Right down your number and we can chill another time.” She smiles and gives me her number (I’m a dick for this). Little Mariah comes back and everything is good money. More conversation/heavy flirting. She then states the obvious, “Reema, this girl keeps looking at you. I think she wants you.” I just act oblivious to everything. At first this was helping my game but something told me this girl was going to say/do something reckless and fuck everything up. I don’t wait to see what happens. I bounce her to a quieter wine bar across the street. We play a few games of connect four and continue to chop up game. I lead her downstairs where they have some couches. Heavy make outs, mixed in with a little dry humping with our hands all over each other. Then she hits me with it: “Reema, I’m a feminist.” Way to kill the mood Little Mariah. We go back and forth talking about gender roles. I don’t back down in my beliefs. I don’t think she is as hardcore as she thinks. Just another girl riding the feminist train. I brush this off and go back to a lighter conversation. I totally lose track of time and the staff comes downstairs and lets us know its closing time. I look at my phone, fuck me its 2:30am. Instead of closing the deal, I’m talking feminism and dry humping. WTF is wrong with me? The night ends with more making out/dry humping in her car. Another notch that is so close but so far. I went home and did what I always do when the night ends like this. I made a grilled cheese, drank a greenie and rubbed one out. Let’s see what next time brings……. 


The major thing I noticed is that 95% of guys DO NOT give a fuck about what they look like in public. The bar was filled with guys with dirty sneakers/shoes, dirty jeans, shit that just didn’t match and crazy ass hair styles. This is why I stress that you MUST master your look. Click here if you didn’t read it the first time. Be the 5%, it makes getting attractive women that much easier. This is why when I go out, women approach me. Again, I’m not some supermodel looking dude (maybe a little). I’m 5’9, athletic build and one of the best dress men you will ever meet. I always have a fresh-cut, smell good, nails aren’t dirty etc. These are all things you guys can accomplish and it doesn’t take a lot of money. I like nice things so I may spend a little more than the average guy. That shouldn’t stop you though. But I digress. I will do a future post on fashion.  

I’m still undecided on what I want to do about her birthday party. I don’t do the group thing until I have sex with a girl. Some rules are meant to be broken though. I’m leaning towards just going. She offered to pick me up and we could take the train together. Also, I can stay at her friend’s apartment for the after party. Let’s see what happens


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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15 Responses to “I prefer the dark one sometimes” My Second Date with Little Mariah

  1. Wow, what a player you are. I feel so bad for little Mariah.

  2. I wouldn’t feel bad for her. I did nothing wrong. Those women approached me.

  3. silly_G says:

    I love grilled cheese 😀

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  5. If you’re ever in my area, I will make you one!

  6. It will be the best you ever had

  7. socialkenny says:

    Good stuff in this post Reema.

    I can’t even begin to point out all the good points.

    For one,you’re totally right about men in general on public or bars don’t dress decent,so they’re already eliminating themselvs in game.

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  11. egointhesea says:

    What is a “greenie”? o.O

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