Californication- Reema Edition

I would be in Cali from Thursday- Sunday. I would fly back to New York with enough time to watch the Giants game at the Sunday Funday spot. The plan was to work during the day and spend the evenings with my Aunt and Little Cuzzo. Then, I would go party it up Saturday night with my other cousin who was enjoying the college sorority life. Time to execute my plan. I call my Aunt and set everything up with her. Ste tells me Little Cuzzo is excited to see me and he’s 19 now. All I can think about was making sure he was staying on top of his shit. I would deal with that when I touched down. Now for part two. I write on Little Cuzzo’s sister a.k.a my other cousin facebook wall. I let her know I was going to be in the area, and I wanted to come see hot sorority girls her. We worked out the details and she lets me know I can stay with her whenever (good look cuz). On the plane, I stalked looked at some sorority sister pictures. A couple of these girls can GET it. I had my eyes on a girl who looked like Tiki Sumpter. I did a double take at her picture. I really thought it was her. Here book page was private so I couldn’t stalk look. Nothing exciting to report about the airport, or the flight. I didn’t have to drop my pants, or look both ways and cough. First things first, I had to do the work thing. Everything went as expected. When I get off work and went back to my Aunts house, it became painfully obvious that Little Cuzzo was a loser. Not in the full sense of the word. He was doing great in college and working his little part-time job. He just didn’t have good social skills. This left him with little friends. I didn’t have to ask about the women in his life. I knew they didn’t exist. It wouldn’t be hard for him to get on the right track. He had good looks (he’s a Reema Duh), he was smart and funny (again, he’s a Reema). I made him read the chronicles when I went to work and we would talk about everything he read when I got home. He read everything the first day. He was excited to learn more. He laughed about the stories and asked eagerly about the red pill. He wanted more for himself. That is all I needed to hear. I gave him the same speech Blaze gave me, and he swallowed the red pill. The next thing was working towards mastering his look. I looked through his closet to see typical whack clothing (big khakis, faded jeans, faded t-shirts, Hawaiian shits) Wait, people still wear those? My Aunt was on board with his makeover and she gave him a few hundos to get new clothes/shoes. We donated all his clothes to goodwill and went to a few spots. My job wasn’t to try to duplicate myself. I wanted him to have his own look. He got jeans, fitted button shirts, t-shirts, cashmere sweaters, and a few vest. Most importantly, everything had the right fit. Next, he needed a haircut. He told me he went to get a cut once a month and went to a different barber each time. I immediately smacked him (joking). I told him he always wanted to look his best. He needed to go to the same barber every week and he also wanted to mix up his haircuts. After his cut, he felt like a new man. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see him so happy. I called Blaze and he told me he felt the say way with me when I decided to swallow the red pill (Sorry for the “moist moment”). Not long after, Little Cuzzo got a call from one of his three friends. Surprisingly, it was a girl on the other end of the phone. She invited him over for a get together. Nothing big, about 20-30 people. The festivities would start around 10. I pushed him to accept. He told me she always invited him to events but he never goes. He rather just play video games and watch porn TV. I suggested he sell the video games. He could use that money to buy more clothes and books. We ordered the Hidden Colors DVD and The Art of Mackin book. Quick side note: game is a lifestyle, a movement. It’s NOT just about women. It’s about improving yourself, being the best man you can be and of course dating attractive women is a part of that. Back to regular scheduled programming. Time to get ready for the party. I wore a black/grey strip v-neck cashmere sweater, dark blue jeans, black suede moccasins loafers and a blackout watch. Little Cuzzo wore blue jeans, fitted white shirt, grey vest and black loafers. My Aunt took like 50 pictures of him. In the cab ride to the party we chopped up some good game. My advice to him was to make sure he had FUN. That was number one. We arrive at 11:30 and when we walk inside; everyone stops and looks at us. Immediately, the Hostess comes over to talk to us. We all do the hug and a kiss on the cheek greeting. The Hostess tells Little Cuzzo how good he looks. We say hello to the others and grab some drinks. I scope out the scenery and it’s nothing exciting. I didn’t expect much from this type of party. The best looking girl was a 7 and the Hostess was also a 7. The Hostess had a better body and the other girl had a cuter face. The Hostess had a bubble booty and nice perky c cups. Those would be our targets. The 7 comes up to Little Cuzzo and says hi. He introduces me and I fall back. I hear her tell Little Cuzzo how good he looked. She told him she never saw him look so good before. He takes his compliments and comes back over to me. We stay in our circle, joking and catching up on old times. I decide to sign us up for some beer pong. When chopping up game with Little Cuzzo, he tells me the 7 was a girl he has had a crush on for sometime now. I tell him to charge that crush shit to the game. You see a girl you want, then you go after her. If it doesn’t work, you charge it to the game and keep it moving. We continue to drink and have a good time. I let him walk around the party and talk to some people. I just play the background and chill. The Hostess comes over and starts talking to me. She is doing her best to flirt with me. She’s leaning into me super close (it wasn’t loud), complimenting me a lot and touching my chest every time she laughed. This continued for about twenty minutes. Its our turn to play beer pong. We’re playing Little Cuzzo Crush and some lame guy. We beat them pretty easily. We win the next three games in the same fashion. Little Cuzzo doesn’t play pong, but you know how nerds are with formulas and shit. He tells me he figured out a way to stand and arc the ball, which would give it the best chance to go in. HAHAHA I’m not making this shit up. I tell him to NEVER repeat that EVER! My time on the pong table is over. I grab Little Cuzzo’s Crush and tell her to play with Little Cuzzo. She happily agrees and it’s on. I’m watching Little Cuzzo do his thing. LCC is grabbing him and hardcore flirting with him. The vibe is real mackish.  Out of the corner of my eye I can see the Hostess approaching. I could spot that ass a mile away. Dirty thoughts start to go through my head (easy Reema). She lets me know she has next in pong and needs a partner. I tell her I’m retired and I need some real incentive to leave the “quiet life”. She gives me a seductive look and says, “You want to go upstairs and find out now or later?” Ok, that was forward. I just smile and say, “Maybe later if you’re lucky.” She playfully slaps my chest and continues to bug me about playing with her. I ignore this and go back to watching the current game. Little Cuzzo is in a battle. One cup left apiece. LCC makes the last cup and they win. She gives Little Cuzzo a big hub. He awkwardly hugs her back. I pull him aside; “WTF are you doing? Stop being a little bitch and touch the girl. She’s into you man.” He looks at me and says, “I don’t know what I’m doing Reema. I’m nervous man.” “Get your head in the game my dude. This is not the time to be nervous. Remember what you have been reading.” He shakes his head and we continue. The new game is Little Cuzzo and LCC against me and the Hostess. They make the first five cups in a row. Little Cuzzo has a different swag to him. He’s finally touching LCC and she loves every minute of it. We make a little comeback but we still lose. I grab the Hostess close to me and say; “this is what I came out of retirement for?” she laughs and says, “You’re such an asshole.” I look at my watch and it’s already 2am. The place is starting to die down. I watch Little Cuzzo lead LCC by the hand and onto the couch. I know the Hostess wants it. It’s just going to come down to what positions I put her in later. I go chop it up with the remainder of the guest. I run to the bathroom to take a quick piss. When I open the door the Hostess is waiting for me. She tries to kiss me. I pull back and tell her to “pump the breaks; we have time for that later.” Little Cuzzo is sitting back on the couch in chill mode. LCC is leaning in when she is talking to him. Then it happens; Little Cuzzo lays a big kiss on her. They start making out for a little. When I look around the house, everyone left. WTF just happen? Did the Hostess kick them out? I go in the kitchen to give Little Cuzzo his alone time. The Hostess comes in the kitchen with me. She tells me she’s excited to see Little Cuzzo and LCC finally hooking up. I immediately grab her hand and lead her upstairs. I’m walking and I have no idea which room is hers. She shows me her bedroom and it’s on. Clothes come off at a rapid pace. For some reason I don’t feel like fucking her though. I make her cum a few times using magic fingers. She pushes me down and says “my turn!” I get an incredible blow job and she swallows my little Reema’s. Wait, she won’t let me leave. She grabs my dick and says, “PLEASEEEE put this inside me.” Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. I need a small recovery to charge my batteries. Ok, back to the action. We start doing regular missionary (have to ease the black mamba slowly), and she is barely able to take the dick. Now I amp everything up. “You talking all that shit and you can’t even take it.” I thrust deep inside her and now she’s shaking. Screams are at an all time high. She bits my shoulder and says, “I’m yours baby, take me!” That’s all I needed to hear. I pick her up and throw her against the wall. I proceed to beat that pussy up. We fuck on the bed, floor, and chair and in front of the mirror. Aggressive anal behavior? Check please. I lost count after the first few times of her screaming “I’m CUMMING”. She’s ready to pass out but I’m not finish yet. I have one more left in me. Back to the chair. I put her on all fours and start pounding. More hair pulling and finally I pull out and release all over that bubble booty. AHHH that was fun. Notch me, Cali style. While getting dressed the Hostess let’s me know that I was the first black guy she ever had sex with. That’s something I’ve heard many times so I’m cool with that. I just smile and say, “First time for everything.” When we go back downstairs, Little Cuzzo and LCC are both cuddled up on the couch. I wonder what happened. We say our goodbyes and wait outside for the cab. On the ride home, Little Cuzzo breaks it down for me. They were making out and she gave him head. He fingered her, but she put up the resistance when he pushed for sex. I know he’s a beginner, so I just told it was better that he didn’t push too hard. With time, he will learn when to escalate more. I wanted him to focus on the positive. We got home and chopped up the rest of the night over my Aunts rice, beans and bbq salmon. We both laughed about him hearing the Hostess screaming and saying dirty things. I told him if he thought tonight was good, wait until tomorrow. In less than 24 hours Little Cuzzo and I would have one of the best nights of our lives. To be continued…….


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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