Another Insane Weekend in the Books- My Current Prospect Updates

Wow, what a great weekend. I Went to California for a few days. California and I make a great tandem. Cali has BEAUTIFUL women. It’s like New York but, warmer weather. Yes, I will chop up Cali with you guys don’t worry. Always good times when you travel. How about the New York Mutha Fucken Giants?? YES SIRRR!! WHAT A GAME. Playing without the top running back and wide receiver and still win. The Sunday Funday spot was going CRAZY! I didn’t get to leave with any cute Giant fans but I digress. Here is a look at my current prospect list. 

Little Crumbs (online) YesAlive and well Confusing with doubts. Two long flights gave me a lot of time to think. She was willing to travel to my area but I left for the weekend. I thought I could handle her living an hour and half away. I’m having doubts about all of this. Plus, I haven’t even had sex with her yet. I don’t know why I’m trying to re-invent the wheel. I don’t think great looks and personality is enough. I’m 70/30 on just charging this one to the game. 

Little Lucille Ball (online) Yes– Alive and well. Nothing has changed. She’s still cool as shit. She brings treats every time she comes over and the sex is great. Just like I said last week, I’m just enjoying the ride.

Little Frathouse (out & about) Yes– Alive and well. We had drinks last week. She’s really making me work hard for it. I’m not complaining I love a good challenge. She’s coming over this week for dinner. I will cook us a nice meal and the rest will be history.

Little Arts & Crafts (online) Yes– My long fuse game blew up in my face. She didn’t want to wait for me. I’m sure she found another dude. Charged to the game.

Little Bowler (out & about) No– Alive and well. After the first night of sex, we had sex again the next night. She told me she is eager to keep hanging out with me. I’m down so she can stay around for a little.  

Little Snowboarder (online) Yes– This girl is something else. We had drinks set up and then she started to come up with excuses. I guess those model pictures weren’t real after all. I don’t have time for games/bull shit. I deleted her number. Charged to the game

Little Fitness (online) Yes– Just added. She sent me a message online complimenting my profile and pictures. We chopped up some good game and she gave me her phone number. I called her on my ride back to the crib from the airport. Drinks are set for this week.

Sexy Captain Hook (out & about) Yes– Not surprising, she was at the Sunday Funday spot the day after Halloween. She was with a group of girlfriends. I kept my distance and let her come to me. She introduced me to her girlfriends and she kissed me in front of all of them. I still kept my distance and watch the game with the homies. She invited me to go watch the late game at her friend’s house. I politely declined and let her know I would see her soon. I don’t do group outings with girls I haven’t slept with yet.  

Little Miss POF (online and out & about) Yes– Drinks with her was blah. The chemistry was horrible. I deleted her number when I get in the car. Charged to the game.

Strawberry Short Cake (out & about) Yes– Walked into the Sunday Funday spot and she was behind the bar. Fuck I thought. I kept it real mackish and just did my thing. We were texting each other back and forth and she busted my balls about Captain Hook. She’s a cool chick. I want another round with her.  

Little Rockland (online) Yes– She’s been receptive to the long fuse game. I told her to give me a little more time and she would be all mine. She happily agreed.

Little Mariah (online) Yes– Drinks was definitely cool in the game. We chopped it up and the vibe was strong on multiple subjects. The chemistry was great and the make out at her car was hot. She’s going to get it. Date two has been set for this week.

Little Dancer (online) No– I called her to grab a drink before I left. She answered and told me she was “busy”. She didn’t sound sincere on the phone. I don’t chase girls. Charged to the game.

Little J-Lo (online) Yes– Just added. She clicked the “Meet Me” feature on Plenty of Fish and send me a great email. I even laughed when I read it. Chopping up game with her was cool. It never hurts when you’re an attractive girl. I’m calling her tonight to set drinks up.

Ex- Fling (online) No– Just added. This was a girl I went to highschool with. We fooled around freshman year and then she moved. I haven’t spoken/seen her in years until, she sent me a message on POF.  She didn’t have a picture up so I had no idea who it was. She sent me a chat request and then told me who she was. I was surprised to hear from her. The conversation got a little weird when she told me she seen me a few weeks ago at a bar. Then, she told me she was looking at some old pictures we took together. WTF? You still have those? Sounds stalkerish. Obviously she wants to get it again. I’m with that because she can still get it. I’m going to try to do drinks with her tomorrow.


A long plane ride made me think about a few things. I’m going to take a break from online dating. I feel pretty good about this current list of prospects. Plus, I’m running out of time during the week to see all these girls. When I go out I know I will approach and get approached by a few women. That should be enough for the time being.  Let’s see what happens…..


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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5 Responses to Another Insane Weekend in the Books- My Current Prospect Updates

  1. socialkenny says:

    Lol entertaining post bro.Seems like you had a nice time in Cali.

    What’s the update with Little Frathouse,did you bang her?

    I see you game a lot on POF too.I’ve been on there for about 9 months now.

  2. Cali was a great time. I’m going to post the second part of the trip. The night I went to the sorority house to see my cousin. Invading her social circle was easy. I read what you wrote about gaming your sister’s friends.

    I have NOT banged Little Frathouse. She flipped out when she found out about the blog (she reads it everyday now lol). She’s actually coming to the crib tonight to chill. This will be our “4th date”. If I don’t hit tonight, I’m charging her ass to the game.

    I POF and okcupid. In my area POF has better quality than okcupid. I’m having success but, the flake rate online is sky high. That’s why I still go out and do my thing.

    • socialkenny says:

      Lmao @ Frathouse flipped out cause of the blog.Shit happens like that.

      I’d you don’t get to write a lay report by tomorrow with Frathouse,I would next her too.

      Lmao I though I was the only one who had flake issues with online game.

      My ratio of flakes on Facebook over the past year is like 1 in 20.Meaning I only laid like 1 chicc out of the last 20 # closes lol.Facebook gaming is a no-no for me.

  3. I will keep you posted on her. Let’s see what happens

    Nooo WAYYY. The flake rate is crazy. I remember I was messaing back and forth with 10 girls on POF and they all went ghost on me. Facebook is worst. I only use that shit to talk to my family.

    • socialkenny says:

      Lol yea chiccs om POF vanish in a heartbeat with me too.

      Good point on Facebook gaming.

      A PUA friend of mine gave me some insight that FB is not for gaming,just to connect with fam and actual friends.

      That shit is so true like you said.

      It’s a social network and not a dating site .It took me over a year to realize that.

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