It’s a Done Deal- Female Blogger to Chop Up Game with Us

I know I’m been promising you some female dating advice for a minute now. I had to make sure we had the right fit. Without further do, I want to introduce you all to Little Ace of Cakes Nova. Don’t forget to check out her blog. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s pretty cute…..

Hey Guys,

This is my experiment to give you (men) the real woman’s point of view of Plenty of Fish. The good, the bad and the crazies, though not all women are the same when it comes to what is attractive and what they like in a guy. I know that since a lot of guys practice the same bad habits (during online messaging) there is some disconnect on what girls are looking for in online messages and what guys are saying in those messages. First, I’ll go through my one week experience of the site, and then I’ll give you my suggestions on getting a catch!

Day 1: I set up my profile really quick with a picture in my favorite dress and a few hobbies. Then I leave POF to do its magic…..

Night 1: 45 messages with over 30 of them having the subject line “Hi”. I start to go through each one. First 10 just seem to describe themselves as “Smart, funny, and blah blah” Let me be the judge because everyone says that. Then the next 20 said, “Hey, how you doing?” That was a lot to respond to like that with the same thing so I just forgot about that. Then one guy had on his subject line, “you say you like road trips”. Finally someone that actually read my profile. He asked if I went to some town I never heard of and he described it to me and it sounded wonderful. But then, he was way too quick to ask for my personal information and that was an instant turn off. Too creepy. Then I had a few more “Hi” subjects that would tell me I look “Hot”, “Sexy”, Gorgeous”, “Cute” or “Adorable”.  Okay that’s cool but, I’m not superficial and I’m pretty sure they tell that to every girl on the site. Then one said “On your Profile”. Okay someone reading, good sign. He ask what aerial Silks are (that’s in my profile), he said he would Google it but he would rather me explain it. I thought “smooth move”, I humor him with what it is. He said that is very cool and unique, we hit it off pretty well. This guy’s is not the “hottest guy on the web” but he was fun and genuine. We managed to talk throughout the week.

Day 2: Had 40 more new messages! At this point, I was getting a little over whelmed. I did not have time to check all of them so I only checked the ones that had more than “Hi” in the subject line. I responded to “I’m confused” and his message was “are you shy or something? Because everything about you is great”. What can I say, was that a compliment or a good pick up line? Didn’t respond. Didn’t understand that until I saw another guy’s message. “You sound like someone I would like to get to know better” Then I noticed a lot of the messages were like that. One sent “Hi Jennifer, I really like your profile ….” Wait, my name is not Jennifer. Then he sent it again… Wow, these are copy and pasted. Delete, delete and blocked 

Day 3: 153 new messages! I’m just looking for guys that at least mention something about my profile.

Day 4: 10 new messages! So it whines down with replies from 5 guys I ultimately contacted. One thing they all had in common: None had a picture of them shirtless, or taking a picture of themselves with a reflection, or showing the extended arm. None of them went with the I’m so hot approach (which I found most of them attractive without them telling me that).

Day 5: Did not count the messages. I just looked through any interesting conversations I could mustard up with some of the guys. Some are still contacting me back. A lot ran out of things to say or maybe lost interest in me. Then some of the new ones that said “hi”, I respond to with conversation starters. I actually had some interesting ones. A guy that said he “just wanted to fuck” (at least he is honest) and a couple, yes a couple contacted me wanted to know if I wanted a “non-traditional relationship…Josh and Katie”

Day 6: I’m getting tired of the site. I just talk to a few guys I really wanted to talk to more and tell them I will text them or email them.

Day 7: Delete account! The guys I wanted to talk to and want to know more about, I already sent my email address. So if they respond, we will see from there.

Reema’s Take- All I can say is Wowzers. I’m not surprised that an attractive female would get over 150 messages in one week. I already told you guys about this. I also told you that most men quit online dating before the three month mark and more than half of them leave online dating without ever receiving a message. This is way your profile, pictures, subject lines and messages must be on point. These are things you guys should already know. It’s just crazy that a lot of guys are still not trying to improve. This is better for the chronicle readers. You guys already know what you need to do to have success in the online dating world. Keep using the principles and the rest will work it self out. Look out for more of the “Reemachronicles- Nova Edition.”



About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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8 Responses to It’s a Done Deal- Female Blogger to Chop Up Game with Us

  1. socialkenny says:

    Wowzers too lol!!!

    I knew girls get bombarded with messages online but so many in such a short span is insane lol!

    And the main trend I’d noticed between the guys who’d sent her messages was that they all were boring,generic and never said shit about the girl!

    Anyway,great guest article on your blog Rema.

    Women in game is rare,and it’s good shit to get their take as in online gaming.

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  3. It definitely doesn’t hurt that Nova is pretty cute. We both know how thirsty dudes can be. She’s good with her advice. I’m going to continue to have her chop up game with us. Right Little Ace???

  4. haha she is still active. She had some good stuff up yesterday. Let me make a call to her:

    Little Ace WAKE UP!!

  5. Nova says:

    Wow, you two are funny! Well thank you for the love!

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