Halloween- Reema Edition

I was actually excited for the night. I was dressed as Mr. Extra Help (nerd costume with kisses all over my shirt and a name tag). I knew this night would be good. Oh wait, it was a blizzard. Yes, the tri-state area had some early snow. Plan A was out the window and I was ready for Plan B. The local bar in my area was having a Halloween party. This is where I would do some damage. First, I have to make sure the little things are in order. I clean up the crib and spray some sugar cookie air freshener (a must have). Off to the party. When I arrive, the bouncer tries to change me $20 to get in. I guess he didn’t know I had owner’s son game. My boy (owner’s son) sees me and the charges are dismiss. Now for the fun stuff. This place is POPPIN. Dj is spinning and the liquor is flowing. I already told myself I wasn’t getting drunk. I was a little surprise about the female costumes though. I didn’t see that many slutty costumes. Immediately this girl grabs me and compliments my costume. She gives me the “fuck me eyes” and takes a picture of me. We chop up game and she’s looking right in her strawberry short-cake costume. I over hear her tell one of her girlfriends that I was all hers tonight. That’s really all I needed to hear. I knew she was going home with me. My boy (owner’s son) sees this and says, “You know who that is right?” I say, “Nah, who is it?” He then proceeds to give me strawberry’s life story (I don’t care). She works at the bar some nights, she’s going to [redacted medical school], she is single and always had a thing for black guys. She just never acted on it. He continues to tell me that she basically has her own following of groupie dudes (more on this later). As soon as he says that, she comes back around and starts grinding on me. I pull back and continue to talk to my boy. Time to make moves around the spot. I run into a few girls that I know, chop up game and we take pictures. Some girl taps me and says, “Are you urkel? Or Kanye West?” I say, “I’m Mr. Extra Help. I tutor Origami.” She gives me a big smile and takes a picture with me. She then introduces me to all her friends. Then it hits me, “I know this girl from POF (plenty of fish). I sent her a message and she never responded.” Now she is all on my dick. I ask her about POF. She acts like she doesn’t remember and I tease her about it. She takes out her phone and takes my number (future notch). Time to make more moves. I see a group of girls I met the week before at the Sunday Funday spot. We chop up game and I isolate the one I want (Sexy Captain Hook). Hardcore flirting, dirty dancing and a few mini make outs. I try to bounce her back to the crib. She doesn’t go for it. She tells me she REALLY does want to see me again. She pulls out her phone and takes my number. I give her one more kiss and keep it moving. Quick recap: Two girls have already approached me, I approached a group of girls and I already have three new prospects. Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming. I run to yet another girl I know. She’s cute as fuck. Tonight with her dressed as cat woman, I want all in. I lead her to the dance floor for some dirty dancing. She doesn’t go for my attempts for mini make outs. She actually walks off when I tried to do that. Can’t win them all. I go back to get on Strawberry Short Cake. I lead her to dance floor and we our thing. Dirty dancing, light make outs, aggressive touching and I’m starting to get horny. A quick intermission from me to get a drink. I see my boy and he gives me the thumbs up on strawberry and tells me to take her black guy virginity. I just laugh and make more moves around the party. More flirting with random women and more pictures. I go back to Strawberry and she tells me she has to leave. Wait, What? I look at my watch and its only 1:30am. I know this means she’s going to see one of her groupies. I think back to the speak up when dealing with women post and go for the kill. I look her dead in the eyes and say, “Strawberry, you’re going to see some dude you probably see all the time. How bout we finish what we started first?” She smiles and happily agrees. Wow, that was easy. Back to the crib (I’m 10 minutes away). When we walk in, I pour us a glass of wine. She chugs hers and goes for my pants. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Blowjobs, back shots, hair pulling, tittie fucking. Three condoms later, I was done. Oh yeah, she called me Mr. Extra Help the ENTIRE time. That was fun! Notch me homie


Remember what I said in the Halloween tips? Halloween done the right way can be a great night. I treated it like any other night I would go out. I wasn’t obsessing over women’s costumes. I did what I do best. Teasing, making women laugh and focusing the conversation on them. When the time was right, I escalated the right way and had a great night.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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