Prospects Update

Another great weekend in the books. The Giants won and they’re 5-2. Halloween weekend was great, despite the crazy weather in New York. Women never miss the opportunity to dress slutty (I don’t judge). I did have some great sex this weekend with two new girls. (YES SIRRRR) I’m back like I never left. Like every other prospect list, some women get added and subtracted. Here is a look at my current prospect list.

Little Crumbs (online) Yes– Alive and well. I haven’t seen her since we spent the day/night together last weekend. Its time for her to come to my part of town. We are working on the logistics together. She is still number one on my list.

Little Lucille Ball (online) Yes– Alive and well. Great girl and she’s cool to hangout with. I’m seeing her this week to keep everything going. I’m just enjoying the ride.

Little Frathouse (out & about) Yes– Alive and well. I was supposed to see her this weekend but Mother Nature had other plans. She’s coming to see me this week.

Little Arts & Crafts (online) Yes– I still have to see her. I’m currently using my long fuse game (coming soon) until my schedule clears up a little. That should keep her around for at least the next three weeks.

Little Bowler (out & about) No– Just added. This is a girl I knew since high school. I met her before I swallowed the red pill. She was one of the “popular girls”. I ran into her at the Sunday Funday spot and she was real receptive to the game. She gave me her number and we went our separate ways. Fast forward to last night and she calls me after 11pm to have sex hangout. I pick her up, let her know we can drink some wine at the crib and chill out. She immediately says “We are NOT having sex!” I just laugh and keep driving. We get inside, I pour us some wine and we get to chopping up game. She tells me that she always thought I was “gorgeous” (her words). She also told me that she and another mutual friend assumed that I slept around a lot (I DON’T). She did keep insisting on not having sex. The funny thing is that I wasn’t even making any moves on her. I was just leaning back and just listening to her babble talk. It gets good when we start playing cards and she tells me, “If you guess the next card, I will take all my clothes off.” I lead her to my bedroom and the rest is history. The sex was fun. Notch Sirrrr!

Little Snowboarder (online) Yes– Just added. I didn’t know what to expect from her. All her pics on POF were model shots. I usually stay away from women like this because it’s usually a fake profile. We chopped up game and getting the number was easy breezy. Drinks are set. Let’s hope she looks like those pictures.

Sexy Captain Hook (out & about) Yes– Just added. I initially met her at the Sunday Funday spot. I ran into her at the Halloween party. Everything was cool in the game. I tried to bring her back to the crib but she wasn’t having it. She gave me her number and has already text me to see when I was free to hangout. This should be easy.

Little Miss POF (online and out & about) Yes– Just added. Met her at the same Halloween party as Sexy Captain Hook. I sent her a message on POF but she never responded. That didn’t stop her from approaching me and giving me her number. Drinks have been set for later this week.  

Strawberry Short Cake (out & about) Yes– Just added. Also met her at the same Halloween party. Notch me Sirrr! Great night and details coming soon.

Little Rockland(online) Yes– Alive and well. Another girl I still haven’t been able to see. Again, I’m using long fuse game. I have another three weeks before this goes stale.

Little Mariah (online) Yes– Just added. She originally viewed my profile and never sent me a message. I sent her my “viewed profile” message (future post) and she hooked. We chopped up game and getting the number was nothing. I’m meeting her for drinks. Let’s see how this goes.

Little Dancer (online) No– Hanging by a thread. I sent her a text and she responded ten hours later after midnight. Of course I didn’t respond. I know this means she has another dude. I will respond to her text and try to set up drinks before this goes stale. I don’t know where this one will lead.


First off, all other girls have been charge to the game. Girls come and go. Having options is super important. And this is why working on your overall greatness should be your number priority. Read, travel and experience the world. Also, keep trying to master your look. You guys remember at one point I had 21 prospects. That doesn’t mean shit. When you look at my new list, almost all the women on here have long-term potential. I’m stepping up my standards and I want you all to do the same.

The Week Ahead: More on being needy, standards, my Halloween and I will show you how to contact women who viewed your profile and didn’t send you a message.



About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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