“You can just pull up a chair, I don’t bite.” The night I met Sangria Girl

I was finishing up some work at the office. The day was so busy that I didn’t even have time to eat dinner. There is a big chain restaurant about five minutes from the office, that offers a variety of food/drink specials at night. The World Series was on, so I figured what the heck. Go grab some food, have a few drinks and watch the game. When I walked in, it wasn’t as packed as I expected. Still, it was packed enough where I had to sit at the end of the bar, where the waitresses go to pick up drink orders. I grab my seat and order a greenie. I look up at the game and it’s in the bottom of the 8th inning. Damn, this game is going to be over before I have the second half of my twofer. I use this time to take a quick look at the scenery. For a busy place, I didn’t see any good looking women. Only the waitresses were good looking. Then, our eyes meet. She’s still too for me to get a good look at her. All I can see are what look like nice breast poking out of her shirt. She gives me a big smile and I smile back. The bartender notices this and she says, “That’s [redacted]. She’s pretty right?” With a straight face I say, “She’s too far away for me to tell.” What the fuck was I thinking? The bartender yells her name and calls her over, so I can get a better look. Ok, she’s pretty, nice body and she is definitely older than me. I’m thinking 30-35. Older women love me, so I’m good money. She comes back and puts in an order for six Sangria’s. When she comes back, I say something to her. “Wow, looks like someone is having a Sangria party. Are you sure you can carry all that? Let me help you.” She laughs and says, “of course I can! I don’t need any help Mr. I’m great at my job.” Off she goes and I go back to drinking and watching the game. Ok, the game is over and not only have I not ordered my food; I haven’t even finished my second beer. I immediately chug that shit, I order another round and some food. Sangria girl comes back and stands next to me. This time she compliments my outfit and asks me why I am so dressed up. I say with a smirk, “I’m not dressed up. This is like my sweatpants/sweatshirt.” Keep in mind that I’m wearing dark brown fitted dress pants, yellow fitted shirt, gold tie, tie bar, brown watch and dark brown loafers. She smiles and walks off. Let’s fast forward a little. In that time, I eat my food and drink another beer. Sangria Girl keeps coming back to the bar, pick up her drink orders and flirts with me. During this time I find out some interesting things about her. She’s 34; divorce with no kids and lives nearby alone. On what feels like the 100th time she comes back to flirt with me, I lightly grab her hand and say, “you can pull up a chair. I don’t bite.” She laughs and tells me she is not allowed and will be getting off work in less than a half hour. We make plans to grab a drink when she gets off. Fast forward a little more. I pay my bill and we meet outside. We work out the logistics. She lives less than ten minutes away and wants me to follow her home and she will change. I know this means if I play my cards correctly, we will never make it to the bar. When we pull up to her place, the first thing I do is call her over to my car. I let her know that I usually don’t follow women home that I don’t know (obvious lie). I make a joke about her luring attractive men to her place and trying to seduce them. I say all of this without making any attempt to get out of my car. When she gets closer to her door, I use my go to line to get inside her place. “Can I use your bathroom?” No resistance and I’m in her crib. I use the bathroom and she’s outside the door waiting for me when I finish up (Yes, I washed my hands). She gives me a quick tour of the house. I use this time to kiss her. I pull away and she pulls me back in for more. After the tour she offers me a glass of wine. I accept under one condition. She has one with me. Three glasses later and we’re making out and dry humping on her couch. I get up and lead her to the bedroom. When we get into her bedroom, I stop her and make a joke about her smelling like burgers and fries. I wanted to enjoy this sex. I couldn’t do that unless she took a shower. She laughs and immediately gets naked. Fuck it, I get naked too. We walk into the bathroom and go into the shower. The water is nice and hot and we are both nice and hot. We get the washing off part out of the way. This is when the fun begins. I’m solid as a rock and she goes down on me. I’m ready to explode but, I stop her before anything happens. I let her experience the magic fingers and then it hits me. We have a squirter on our hands (YEA BUDDY!). I’m even more turned on and I’m ready to FUCK. I wrap her leg around me and thrust deep inside her. Not even ten minutes later, I’ve already exploded and she’s squirting. I think to myself, “Damn, that was fast Reema.” I knew I had to get that one out of the way. I have sixty minutes of fun left in me. After a brief intermission, we are back at it. I’m fingering her, she’s jerking me. I notice a little bench in the shower. I guess this is for her to shave her legs comfortably. Tonight its use would include multiple positions so I could punish all her spots. Hair pulling, more squirting and aggressive anal behavior. This had it all. A night definitely to remember.

Notch Sirrrr!


When I got home I realized that I never got her number. I know this was just a one night thing for the both of us. I haven’t been to the restaurant since this happened. I will let a few weeks go by and go back like nothing even happened.


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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