“YOU finally want to see me?” My day/night with Little Crumbs Part 2

On my walk back to my moms, I was excited for the night ahead. When I get inside, I call my step sister. She lets me know that tonight is going to be a great night. A big name Reggae band would be playing. Right then, I knew a good table and discounted free drinks would take more than the usual tradeoff. Just like a lot of women, my sister loves fashion, clothes and shoes. I have a hookup at a clothing store and a shoe store. The usual trade-off is my discount at one location and she hooks me up for the night. This time she insisted on both discounts. Damn, why she wanna stick me for my paper! We finally agree to terns and now I work out the logistics with Little Crumbs. I text LC her mission statement. “Your mission is to be outside your apartment between the times of 11:17pm and 11:19pm. You MUST wear a dress and bring bucket loads of fun energy! This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.” She responds seconds later with, “haha kk 🙂 ” I take a quick nap, shower and get dressed. I decided to wear my blue cotton fitted pants, the matching vest, fitted white shirt, caramel brown wingtip shoes and a brown watch. I grab my essentials (condoms, gum, money, ID) and I’m out the door. I arrive in front of Little Crumbs apartment a little after 11:25pm. She is already outside and looking even better than she was this morning. She’s wearing light make out, a SUPER tight curve hugging dress and heels. I make a joke about us looking like superstars and off we go. When we get to the spot, the line is already pretty long. Of course we skip the shit and walk right in. I immediately walk up to my step sister and we exchange greetings. I introduce her to Little Crumbs and we head over to our reserve table (Thanks Sis). As soon as we sit down, LC lays a wet kiss on me. I already know my value is through the roof. Just make sure I don’t get too drunk and the notch is all mine. Before the band comes on, they have a DJ spinning some great music. Time to hit the dance floor. We do the dirty dancing thing but no make outs. She reaches to kiss me but I pull back (make it wet). After a few songs, we go back to our table, get our drink on and chop up some game. She keeps telling me how happy she is that I FINALLY came to see her. I’m just sitting back, enjoying the drinks and the beautiful women scene. By the time the band comes on, LC is feeling loose. She keeps telling the same shit over and over. She’s happy she’s here with me and how much she likes me. This follows with her feeling me up and kissing me. I just think she’s a little tipsy and happy to be having a good time. We continue to keep drinking and enjoying the good vibes. BIG MISTAKE. She gets up to start dancing and “smack!” she falls on the floor. Ok, I know this means she’s drunk. I didn’t realize it but, she was drinking Ciroc with basically no juice. Before my night turns to shit, I take her outside for some fresh air. This does nothing because she is still slurring her words and stumbling around. I know this means I have to get this girl home. I look at my watch and it’s a little after 2:30am. We walk back in and I leave LC at coat check so I can tell my sister what happened. We say our goodbyes; I grab LC and walk back to her place. When we get inside, her roommate is on the couch watching TV. I think to myself, “It’s almost 3am, why isn’t she sleeping, or better yet, why isn’t she out doing something.” I tell her what happened and carry LC to her room. When I put her down on the bed, she pulls me down and starts trying to kiss me. She says, “Stay with me, I want you!” She’s definitely too drunk to be having sex (I know when to back off) and I’m not cuddling with her. I kiss her on the forehead and tell her I have to get going. She pleads with me some more, but to no avail. When I close the door, her roommate starts talking to me. “Reema, you’re not staying with her tonight?” I say, “Nah, LC is a little too drunk right now. She needs all of her bed to herself.” She tells me how most guys would have stayed and tried to have sex with her anyway. Of course she set herself up for the perfect response. “I don’t know if I’m special, but I’m definitely different; not your typical guy. You probably already figured that when you met me.” She smiles and agrees with me. She then starts to tell me some information about Little Crumbs. Well, it’s not like it wasn’t shit I didn’t already know. She starts telling me that LC is really into me and she’s always talking to me. The she tries to sell me, “You know you’re the only guy she’s currently involve with right?” With a straight face I say, “OK.” I don’t let shit like that get to my head. This is my first time seeing her. Yes, I did use my great long fuse game (future post) and she probably had the most fun today then she has had in a very long time. Oh well, I say goodbye to her roommate, stop and grab some food and head back to my moms place. Until we meet again LC.



The next morning, Little Crumbs calls me and tells me she wants to take me to breakfast. I was already on my way home. She offered to drive to my place, bring me breakfast and hangout out together. I let her know I already have plans. She thanked me again for a wonderful time. “Reema, I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I can’t wait to see you again.” I’m just thinking about her much fun I would have had if I was pulling her hair and beating that pussy up. I let her know I will be in touch with her to set something up. Let’s see where this one goes.





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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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