My Turning Point- When I Discovered Game

This is from my early high school days, sophomore year. Sometime many, many years ago….. It wasn’t rare for my to be hung-over on a Saturday morning. I was working the go karts at the local amusement park. I did NOT take my job seriously. I check in, find out it’s the same old shit and do my thing. As I got to “work”, I see her checking me out. We make eye contact and she gives me a wave. I smile back, and keep it moving. A few hours later I decided to make my way over to her. “Do you ever work around her? All you do is stand here trying to look pretty.” “HAHA this is from the guy that hardly shows up for work.” I keep a straight face and get a little closer, “Without me, this place wouldn’t exist, and you would have to slack off somewhere else to make money.” Her eyes light up, “Thank you sir. What would we do without the big bad go-kart guy?” I give a smirk and say, “You have NO idea!” We both start laughing at each other. I change the subject. “What kind of trouble are you causing tonight? Slumber party with the girls?” “Hell NO! Tonight were going to your house party, duh.” She jokingly rolls her eyes at me. I had mentioned my party to a couple of girls at work. I didn’t tell her and I knew the other girls would. With a straight face I tell her, “Wait, this party is RSVP only and that was due two weeks ago.” Her facial expressions suddenly changed. She looked sad and said “Reema, really? I can’t come to your party?” I hold eye contact for a few seconds and tell her,  “Write down your number, maybe I can sneak you in.” Giving her a wink. “Of course!” Her eyes light up as she writes her number down on a piece of paper. “Call me later!” “Ok” I tell her as I walk away. I leave work and go through the motions of setting up the party and tennis practice. Zoning out in practice, I find myself thinking about that morning and her. We always had great chemistry, and she was always warm and funny. Besides being very good-looking, she had that thing about her that everyone loved: Friendly smile, kindness, and warmth. I had just discovered this thing called “Game”, and I was eager to see what I could do with it. I didn’t know what could or would happen, whether I would be a player, fizzle out, or get a girlfriend. I didn’t know or expect anything other than I was changing, and I was excited to put the new me to the test. As the night drew nearer, me and my dudes began to set up for the party. I called her; let her know how to get to the crib, and what time to come through. She sounded excited and told me that she couldn’t wait to see me. When I let her in, she hugged me tightly. She looked even better outside of her work clothes. Long red hair, tight white shorts, heels and conservative but sexy top. (Is it weird that I remember that?) I lead her into the house and we go straight to making drinks. As time passed, we sat in our own bubble, ignoring everyone around us. We laughed at inside jokes. I stopped her mid sentence with “shhh” and a finger to her lips, and then I kissed her (thanks Blaze). Kissing turned into full on make outs. After a few games of kissing beer pong, I suggested we head back to my room. She happily agrees. As we enter my room, we pick up right where we left off. Clothes are all around my room with heavy breathing and a few moans from her. As I reach to take off her panties, she stops me. “Reema, not tonight. It’s too soon.” I don’t object and she falls asleep in my arms. The next morning she helps me clean up, and we laugh about the great time we had together. I eventually walk her to her car, we kiss each other goodbye and we make mutual promises to see each other soon. Due to different circumstances, the next few days we are unable to see each other. We would call, text, tell each other funny things going on in our days, and she would always send me a “good night :)” text before she went to bed. Days, then weeks would go by. We’d spend much time laying together, talking and enjoying each others company. Our time together is amazing and when I’m not with her, I’m thinking about her. I’d been holding off pushing for sex. She was a traditional girl who only had sexy with one other guy. I was willing to wait, and she was great at doing all the “other” things. Finally, I decide to push for sex. As things escalate, she tells me that she is on her period. She apologizes while saying she really wants too, and then gives me the best blowjob ever. The next week we are apart. We send daily text updates, and she tells me she wishes she was with me. I remember to use things like pacing my text. If it wasn’t for what I recently learned, I would have probably never made it this far. Also during the week apart, I come to the conclusion that I don’t need to become a player, because I would have to be stupid to not wife this girl up. Her looks, her personality, her femininity, everything about her was what I wanted. When we finally meet, it’s late and at a house party. Our reunion is a blissful one, and it’s like we had never been apart. Amongst all the good times going around, I drink too much and black out. The last thing I remember was playing flip cup, and when I wake up the next morning, she is not next to me. Wondering what happened; I checked my texts and missed calls. Nothing there. I text her “good morning”, and get no response. The day drags on, as does the next, and I still get no response. Knowing that it’s best not to text or call her in a situation like this, I hold back. I finally get a response a few days later, saying she didn’t have her phone. Not too long ago, I would have believed that. I text her the next day and she responds simply. I could feel the excitement was gone. I stop calling/texting her and she never does hit me up again. I feel shitty the next couple of days. Knowing you fucked up is tough. However, the knowledge to have what it takes to get another one like her made me feel that much better. I focused on reading more and picking at Blaze’s brain. I went out the next weekend with my head held high and my homies all around me.



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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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