A Day In The Life of Reema

This happened early 2011. The chornicles wasn’t even a thought in my head yet. I had just ended with my main girl, the bartender. I was starting to fall for this girl.  We even exchanged x-mas gifts. She got me a Polo sweater and I got her a bag of peanut m&m’s, and a homemade card. Everything was cool in the game. Then, it starts moving too fast for me. She wanted me at all her family functions, friend’s dinner parties, basically all her social events and I just needed my space. After a lot of thought, I decided to end it. I’m not going to sit here, lie and say it didn’t hurt me. As a man, I knew I couldn’t sit home and think about her. That would just make it worst. I gave myself one night to be depressed feel sorry myself. The next night, I knew I needed to get out. Fresh cut, loafers, watch, tucked in fitted shirt, tie and tie bar. Time for me to hit up one of the spots. I chop up game with the bouncer and bartenders. As soon as I sent the homie Blaze a text, I looked up and saw a girl at the bar with short black hair, a super tight dress, and what looked the highest heels I’ve ever seen. She was smiling at me and waved me over. It’s not common to see black women in this part of town. It definitely didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous. With the bartender still fresh on my mind, I decided to head over to her. The spot was loud as shit and I could barely hear what she was telling me:

Gorgeous Black Girl: “Jack?”
Me: “What?”

Gorgeous Black Girl: “Jack?”

I’m giving her the side eye; I don’t know who Jack is. Does she think I’m Jack? I need to just let her call me Jack. Fuck it; I’ve given girls fake names before.

Me: “Hey, do I know you?” 

She gets a little closer to my ear:

Gorgeous Black Girl: “Do you want a shot of Jack?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m with it”.

She orders the round of shots and gets me a greenie. We chop up game. “I’m an actress from Virginia and I’m bout to be on [readacted] reality show” She went into detail about the show and what she would be doing. We shared travel stories and we connected well on that. I had to tease her by telling her she was lying and trying to impress me. As we chopped up more game, it became clear she was trying to show me she was all that. I knew this meant that she was into me. The music was too loud so I lead her outside to the patio. I found us a spot without constant traffic. I asked her what she was doing in my area. She told me a story of her and her best friend finding a great area which was perfect for taking pictures. WTF is she talking about? She pulled out her camera and showed me some pictures, which did look good. I notice the local tattoo parlor that is well-known. “You tatted up?” I asked her. “OMG Yes!” Here eyes lit up and showed me a tattoo on arm. “I have a really big one,” she told me. She lifted up her shirt, exposing more that just her stomach. This shit looked like something straight from a hipster magazine. She told me about the other tattoos she wanted to get, the name of a family member who passed away. I don’t have any tattoos, but I made sure I understood the reasons she got the tattoos she had. “Reema, you have such calmness about you that I love”. You know a good-looking girl has more than enough guys hitting on her at all the times, compared with me, who just broke it off with a girl he was really into. She kept talking, “I can’t believe you thought I was calling you Jack. Do I know you? HAHA” Blaze called me to let me know he finally arrived. Blaze was with his girl and they were both hyped and ready to party. We did the introductions and Virginia introduced us to her best friend, some dude that was 100% smacked. It was time to get our dance on, so we went to the second spot. As were heading to the spot, I’m thinking of how I will get this girl back to the crib. The only obstacle was her friend. She told me he was gay, so I knew he wasn’t really competition. We strolled up to the spot like we owned the joint. Line at the door? We skip that shit. Some girls started an argument withVirginia because we skipped the line. I just laughed at them hating on our Owner’s Son Game. I told Virginia to buy us all a round and she did. No resistance, no complaints. After a toast, she pulled out her phone to show me pictures of something. I forget what she told me, I was distracted by what looked like some naked pics.“Wait, go back a second. Go BACK!” She scrolled back to a stash of ready-made pictures for some serious sexting. She was sprawled out on the bed, provocative poses, showing off her great c cup breast. “Lol, Reema those are my boobies!” I just kept a level head. I needed to maintain my calmness that made her so attracted to me in first place. Once a good song came on, she started grinding on my dick and dropping it low. After a few songs, I knew it was to bounce. “Let’s get out of here”. She stopped me, “Wait, I have to find my friend. Did you see him?” “Nah, I’m sure he’s ok.” “Yeah, he probably took a cab back to the hotel.” Once we got back to my place, Blaze got the drinks and I put on the tunes. When the mood was right, I took her back to my room. Clothes fell, we had great sex and I received one of the best blow jobs in my entire life.

Afterthought:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When I initially left my house, I didn’t think the night would go down like this.Virginia was a cool but, the bartender was still on my mind. I tried to see the bartender the next day. She wouldn’t have any of it. That was the last time I would ever hear from Virginia or the bartender again.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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