Master Your Looks

Let me start off by the game is not about any tricks. If you are looking for some magic spell, pill, cologne, fuzzy hat or any of the other ridiculous things, you’ve been reading the wrong blog. But I digress….You can use your personality to attract women, so if you aren’t a great-looking guy and you can still attract women anyway, why should you care about improving your looks? I’ll tell you. If you’re a physically attractive guy, you’re going to be able to take advantage of a woman’s instincts, or their ID as it is otherwise known as.  There are a few instances, where a girl said that she wasn’t going to have sex with me, or said that she hated my guts, or implied that nothing was going to happen, but we ended up having sex anyway. Again, I’m no supermodel. I’ve just learn to master my look. How do you master your look? I thought you would never ask:

1. Hair- You should have at least 3 different hair styles you can wear that will work for you. You can’t find three? You need to play with a few different hair styles until you find three. I rotate from a low fade, high fade, light Caesar or, the Reema hawk. I go see my barber once a week.

2. Shoes- I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you should spend $200 for a pair of shoes. I will tell you that having nice shoes will set you apart from other guys. Everyone that knows me will tell you that I ONLY wear sneakers to the gym, or any sports activity. Nothing more, nothing less.

 3. Skin & Facial hair- You should have some type of face cleaning regimen. Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Nivea, and Gillette all have great skin products for men. I use a natural face mask, L’Oreal for men face wash, L’Oreal for men face lotion and I have an acne cream from Clearasil. I go with a clean-shaven look. If you decide to wear facial hair, keep it neat and trimmed.

 4. Clothes- Guys please make sure your clothes fit you. The days of super tight t-shirts and 4x long white tees are over. Yes, you may still have women that are attracted to you if you still wear that, but this is about maximizing your look.  I personally wear a lot of button shirts (all different colors), ties, tie bars, suits, vest etc…I have a professional look. This is how I ALWAYS dress. It’s not a weekend or special occasion thing; this is what I wear every single day.

Following these steps will make you more attractive to women. A quick story on a girl from my past. She told me she wouldn’t sleep with me because she saw me get a few different girls numbers and I must be a “player”, yet she invited me into her apartment, lit candles, and ended up having sex with me. Why does this happen? Why do women say that sex or nothing will happen, or imply it, and then end up doing it anyway? It’s because when they’re alone with a physically attractive guy, their instincts that nature embedded in them will eventually take over. For a physically attractive guy, all you have to do is wait it out, even if the girl says that nothing is going to happen. When girls are alone with physically attractive guys, nature goes into overdrive and pushes women to have sex with these guys.  Women may not be attracted to the things that you do, and women may say that they’re not going to have sex with you anytime soon, but when they are alone with you; their instincts are going to push them to have sex with you.

Afterthought:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I could have listed a lot more but, I felt they were too basic. I shouldn’t have to tell you to brush your teeth, cut & clean your finger nails, or cut &clean your toe nails. You should already be doing those things. Get it together guys, DAMN! I see this over and over again. Looks 100% MATTER. Work on your look and I guarantee you will start improving with women.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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13 Responses to Master Your Looks

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  3. Socialkenny says:

    I never recalled seeing this article.

    Lmao @ long-ass white-t.There’s nothing in the world more tacky than a long-ass t shirt or any shit.When I look back at photos from few years ago,I say to myself,”WTF was I thinking wearing that white-t which was 3 times my size lmao.

    I’m feeling the professional-preppy type look.That’s what I’ve been rocking lately.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Face cleanser is a must for me.I hate oily,shine skin.

    I’ve been cleaning my face(basic washing)for the past 8 years.Push comes to shove,I just use regular soap(which dries my skin out and get rid of the shine).

  5. Sunshine says:

    I love the fact that you mentioned hair. It’s overlooked sometimes. A man always looks sexier with a nice haircut, and changing it up sometimes just keeps it fresh and interesting for you and her

  6. Socialkenny says:

    Ok cool Reema.I’m gonna have to get the joint for razor bumps.

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