Online Dating Gone Wrong..What YOU shouldn’t be sending to women

A lot of guys are still telling me they are not getting the results that they’re looking for. I hear things like “no one will respond”, “girls online are stuck up”, etc..Today I wanted to breakdown a few messages that guys are sending women online. If your messages look anything like this, you will understand why you’re not improving.  

Subject Line: Friends :-)

Hello [x],

Hope you are doing well! Are you having a good weekend so far? My name is [x] and I work as a contractor. As I work away for long periods, I need someone to talk to :). I am looking to make some friends on here mainly and see where it leads :). Hope you get in touch, if not happy fishing!
Have a good day 🙂
Reema’s Take: Are you fucken serious with this bullshit? Where is the mystery? This guy is already telling her his name and what hee does for work. This messages just says “I’m needy AS FUCK”. This subject line is horrible. Why would any women open this message with that subject, let alone respond. One more thing: STOP WITH ALL THE FUCKEN SMILEY FACES! ACT LIKE A MAN!!!
Subject Line: Hi
Oh go on say hi…give me a chance lol what do we really have to lose and whats more I think your absolutely lovely, If you really are looking for someone in your life to really love you and want you then i’m your man. I really do hope I hear from you.
Reema’s Take: HAHA I can’t make this shit up. Why are guys confessing their love to girls they never met? “Really love you and want you” KILL YOURSELF. The grammar in this message is horrible. Get it together guys!
Subject Line: Hi
Well hello to you and wow i hope you are well and i just wanted to say hi and introduce myself after stumbling across your profile, and i must say i rarely message anyone and so i really wanted to make an effort on this so here goes, well im x and its lovely to meet you and i am just looking to chat with some new people and see where it goes as i suppose this is what pof is about isnt it…? oh by the way im sure you hear this all the time but i just wanted to say it too but i think you are gorgeous and absolutely love your picture which is stunning and so i would love to know more as i can assure you that really isnt something i get to say very often at all and even more so on here….any ive said it now 🙂 so have you got anything exciting planned tomorrow night?? anyway i hope you are keeping well and i wont keep you any longer and even though i have no expectations that i will get a reply, it would be lovely to hear from you soon and if not i hope your smiling and you get everything you wish for in life….much love
Reema’s Take: Roundhouse kick to your face. SMACK!  
The common themes in these messages are needy, needy, needy and more needy. These messages just tell women you’re swag is on ZERO and you have absolutely no experience. These subject lines are just horrible. “Hi”, “Just Friends”. Also, look at the grammar in these messages. USE spellcheck and grammar check. It takes 3 seconds and makes a big difference. You have to be a challenge to women. Take note of what you should NOT be sending women online. Read this shit a million times if you have to. With online dating you must stand out in your messages and your profile. You don’t do that by telling women how pretty, beautiful, lovely and sexy they are. Also STOP begging, damn! You come off  to women as potential serial killers.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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