Make It Wet

You know for sure that a girl is into you, but how do you make sure that sex happens at the end of the night, whether you’re on a date, or out at the bar/club? Again, this is assuming that she is into you and her friends don’t mind you hanging around (assuming you’re not on a date). If you have to ask if a girl is absolutely into you, then she isn’t, so don’t ask me about it. The shit you are about to read will have her soaking wet for you by the end of the night. The first thing that you need to do early on, is make a sexual remark. It doesn’t have to be vulgar, or even crazy like that. You just want to put the thought of sex on her mind. With some girls, I might do this by letting them know that I am only interested in a sexual type of deal with no relationship attached, or I might let a girl know how sexy I think that she is and hint at the things I might do to her if we were alone. Again, this is assuming that I already know that she is really into me. During your interaction, you should always be directing the conversation towards her. If she asks you any questions, give her very simple or vague answers, and if she presses on you to elaborate, simply redirect the conversation towards her or tell her that you’ll answer her later. You don’t really want to be too talkative (and definitely not loud), as it kills the whole “mysterious guy” aura that you have going for you. You also want to seem very relaxed to her. Take your time talking, responding, moving. Do everything slow and emotionless. You don’t want to do a lot of talking, a lot of moving, or show too much emotion. You just want to come off as a very chill guy that gets so much pussy that she doesn’t have a dramatic effect on you like she does with other guys. When you seem too excited around her, it signals to her that you aren’t use to sleeping with women of her caliber. You want to be giving her the sex eyes periodically all night long. Sex eyes are when you are giving her deep long stares into her eyes, and checking out parts of her body that guys shouldn’t be looking at. You want her to catch you staring at her body, and then taking your time turning your head away, just so she knows you don’t care that she knows you are checking her out. What normal guys will do, is immediately look away when the girl catches him looking. Throughout the night, you want to do what I like to call slow touch escalation. You want to touch her with long intervals in between. What this does, is make each touch that much more intense for her. I like to occasionally place my hand on a girl’s waist, neck while I’m looking in her eyes, and her hand. Finally, you want her to chase you some. What rookies will do, is when a woman is not paying attention to him, he’ll immediately chase her down or try to win her attention back. I like to play it real smooth and not even look in her direction. I have absolutely no problem with sitting in silence. I also never pressure her to do anything. I like to just throw an idea out there, look deeply into her eyes, and let her choose to follow through. Even if she disagrees, I play it real cool and leave the topic alone. If she does initially turn your offer down, your cool calmness about the whole situation is going to turn her on and she might just change her mind. The pussy wants what it wants. Go out there and get it wet.
This shit comes naturally for me because I’m just a calm and relaxed type of guy. I never get worked up or show a lot of emotions around women. For me, shit goes out the window once I get too much to drink. I already know how to beat my weaknesses. Make sure YOU do too!  

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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