Cougar Life (Mizzle’s First Post)

So you’ve been wanting to talk with this older chick for sometime, thinking you would give it to this cougar. She might have spoken to you a couple of times, or never even looked at you. The thing you have to remember is that she’s been there and done that. She has the same thing on her mind, but will hold out because she already knows what you want from her. Like Chris Rock says, “Hey, want some dick”. You have to make it like that’s the last thing on your mind. Mother hen is just like the young chickling. Just have to say the right words to get her to come out. It’s not as hard to get the older head out then the younger chick because she’s not going to be on some BS. The thing that is going to hold you up is the age. Bring out your personality by making here laugh, being confident, not stuttering, and shit you can even tell her you’re a little shy. You want to show her that you’re a man, not a little kid.  Remember this chick wants to feel young but has to have intelligent conversation. If you work with her she can’t be in the same department with you to were you see her every second of the day. She wont like that because you might not know how to separate work from pleasure by making little comments. If you see her at the gym, the store or using online dating. Just remember keep it claim and cool (Reema already told you this). How do you put all of this into action? I thought you would never ask:
I used to work at a gas station. Of course women would come in all day long. This cougar “the translator” we always come into the store. She had a man when I first started to see her come in.  Time goes by to where I notice that her man doesn’t come in anymore so I ask “what good with your dude?” She say’s “we just broke up after 2 years of being together”. I knew that I had to wait a little bit before I could strike. Since the iron was still hot the next time she came in I told her “I normal don’t like to mix business with pleasure but I would like to take you out sometime”. She asked me “why didn’t I say something before?” I told her “I’m a little shy, plus I wouldn’t want something to effect her coming back in everyday, because you put a smile on my face when I see you”. Gave me the number and told me to call her up and set something up when I have a chance. I waited a couple of days and finally hit her up to get something going for the weekend. I told her about a nice little spot I wanted to try out and she was with it. She wanted me to pick her up from a friend’s house. When I got there she just wanted me to call, but had her friend waiting outside with her for the approval. The friend gave me the thumbs up. Ok, this MILF cleans up NICE! She got her nails done, hair done, everything did. She was looking right in a little tight black dress. You know what they say when it’s in all black? Got a secret that she wants to show but play your cards right and this might be yours. We make our way over to this spanish restaurant that had a live band. Chivalry is not dead. I made sure I opened the doors and I ordered the drinks. I asked her what she liked to drink during our conversation on the ride there so I knew what to order make her comfortable. Listening is always important. Taking control is being the man all women love. We did the small talk getting to know each other. I made sure I was playing with her by picking on her about what she say’s and making her laugh. Telling her about myself, my goals in life and how I plan to get there. Letting them know that you’re goal driven is BIG if they know that your young. The age question is always going to come up and your response should be that you just don’t connect with girls in your age group. You’ve always felt better with someone that’s not into playing games. They just don’t know what they want and you don’t have time for that. When dinner was done we decided to dance. On my mind I want to get close and do what I can to escalate.  She had that ass shaking and I’m making a fool of myself but keeping up with her. She’s just eating every bit of it. She let’s me know she hasn’t been dancing in so long. After a few more dances we had one more drink and cut out. I let her know I wasn’t ready to go home and I knew a nice spot that we could go walk around by the water. The spot was like 20-30 minutes away. You have to make sure that you have c.d.’s, i pod, i phone, something that has lots of different music that she would like, so when driving she can be the dj mixing to entertain herself. We get to the spot and it’s perfect. A good place to watch the stars and sit on picnic benches. It got a little cold so I put my arms around her, hugging her, and her putting her arms in my sleeves. This was the time I knew I could go for the kiss. I’m not into making out but whatever she’s into I’m game. I knew that if I was getting somewhere this was the time to make moves back to the car. Got back to my ride and took us to a spot that I knew would be seclude. We got in the back seat, which I didn’t think she was game for but she was feeling me. Needless to say you know what happened next.  Steamed up the windows like Leo in the titanic. One hand all on the glass after it was fogged up. When everything was done, I kept game still like everything was good.  Back to her playing the music and dropping her off to the friends crib. One more good night kiss letting her have some more to talk about when she got inside.  

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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