Get Your Sexual Stamina Up

You’ve finally got that girl naked, you start fucking her, and a few minutes later, you’re fucken wheezing and gasping for air. This is a pretty common occurrence, and is one of the reasons why women tend to stay away from heavier men. You can have the biggest dick in the world, but if you are out of shape and can’t keep up, then it means nothing. In this post, we will talk about sexual stamina. How can you increase it, and more importantly, keep yourself from the embarrassment of not being able to keep up. I tend to date nymphos, because I love fucking them, so sexual stamina is something that I make sure I have a lot of. What can you do to increase yours? Cardio, cardio, cardio. If you can’t keep up your cardio by running or something of the sort, then you won’t last in bed. 30 mins a day is the very minimum you should be doing. This next one sounds simple, but can oftentimes be overlooked. You should be eating a big meal before you go out and start drinking. Nothing is worse than drinking on an empty stomach or a stomach with very little food in it to boost energy. You’re going to come home drunk, start fucking, and all of a sudden, you’re going to start to feel light-headed and sick once you start pounding the pussy. Trust me, I’ve done this one. Speaking of pounding the pussy, if you haven’t been keeping up on your cardio, then here is another suggestion. Don’t. If you immediately start pounding away at the pussy, you’re going to get tired real quick. Take your time with harder, longer thrusts, and when you can tell that she’s getting close, THAT’S when you start pounding away. OK, what if you run out of energy before the two of you finish? Now, what I’ve come to notice, is that many women don’t like to be on top, as it hurts most of them, but what you can do, is buy yourself time to recover by having her suck your dick.  Don’t even try to start going down on her after you’re already fucking her, because trust me, she won’t let you. Once you start fucking, women want dick (That only works in porno’s). Another way to save energy is to do so by cheating. I’ve fucked on just about every surface known to man, and nothing waste more energy than fucking on the floor or any other hard surface. Stick to a soft couch, or a bed that does the work of pushing the girl back towards you after each thrust. If you are absolutely set on finishing fast and know that you’re going to burn out on energy anyway, SPEND MORE TIME ON FOREPLAY. When I am tired and I just don’t want to fuck, women are just as satisfied if you can give them some good head. In fact, I’ve come to find that women cum a lot faster from penetration if you give them some good head first. Lastly, it is inevitable that a woman is going to throw her legs in the air for maximum penetration. If you are worried about stamina, do NOT put her legs over your shoulders. It burns a shitload of energy. If anything, either have her hold her legs up, or have her wrap her legs around your waist. One more thing: take off your fucking shirts. You’re already fucking, and now is not the time to worry about insecurities.
Afterthought: All my friends would always make fun of me for going to the gym and only doing cardio. I had the last laugh when I was pounding girls for hours and not getting tired. Start doing more cardio and you will increase your stamina significantly.  That is the difference between girls wanted to sleep with you again and you never hearing from them because you only fucked her for 10 mins because you were too “tired”. 

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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