Would you Smash? a.k.a Reema smash test

In keeping up with “thirst day” (fuck off shark week), I wanted to share with you a story of how I developed the Reema smash test. It’s actually pretty simple. Can she give me a boner? That is the one question I ask myself before I pursue a new girl. Here is the story that got everything started…..This kid I knew ran away from home to live with a girl he fell in love with over the internet (this was the first time I heard of online dating). It was supposedly true romance, but I couldn’t understand his choice because of how ugly she was. I’m talking this girl was fucken hideous. There’s just no way I would be able to get it up for her. Then one day it hit me: maybe I should envy this kid. If he could get it up for her, maybe he’s the lucky one. Here I am, trying to only deal with the “pretty girls” and the major attitude problems and psychological issues that come along with some of them, wondering if I’m fucked in my search to find a decent girl. I once had a lady friend who would write my school papers, cook me dinners at her house, and wanted to spend the bulk of her free time with me. She easily had the best personality I’ve ever encountered on a girl, and still, I never made a move on her. It didn’t matter how great she was, she didn’t pass the Reema smash test. The strength of my boner completely determines both my desire and ability to have sex. If I saw a man making out with a crossed-eye unattractive girl, I used to have the same reaction as everyone else: “disgusting, damn that dude is thirsty.” Now I think, “She’s whack, but DYT (do your thing) at least she can pass this guys boner test.” That is what counts because all boners are equal in the eyes of game. If an unattractive cross-eyed girl could get me hard, why would I deny myself the satisfaction of getting off? Is it because other men might think less of me for smashing? How much should I care about everyone else’s opinions of me? How about this…Suppose you find yourself talking to a normal girl. She’s smart, funny, and has been incredibly nice to you. She even bought you a few greenies.  Then you feel the movement in your pants that wasn’t from the wind. She gave you a boner. Something is holding you back: your friends who came out with you. They all have their girlfriends with them, each of them at least a 7. Your girl is just a 5 and that’s a stretch. By making a move, your boys will think you don’t give a fuck about your standards. You can already hear it: “She’s a jump,” “You can do better,” and “homie, what’s the deal with her face?!” You then fall back, leaving some guaranteed p. I started to realize that I’m the only one that really cares about my boner. My boys aren’t going to jerk me off after I pass up on some guaranteed p because I listened to them, and my dick definitely isn’t going to jerk itself when I walk in alone later that night. Don’t get it twisted. I’m not a chubby chaser. I estimate that 85% of my takedowns are directed at pretty girls who are sometimes sluts, that happen to have great bodies which pass the smash test. Do you see that girl who other guys can’t even look at her? Well if she can give me a boner best believe I’m going to fuck the shit out of her and enjoy the look of satisfaction on her face that says “Yess Sirrr!” This makes me feel like a good Samaritan. There’s only one test in my eyes that matters…The reema smash test a.k.a can she get me hard? Everything else is ego.  

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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