The Ego Test- the other side of the smash test

The Reema smash test is a good game innovation that all of you should use and come up with your own version. Using this test made me realize that my ego has been playing a big part of the girls I choose to sleep with. It turns out that my dick gets hard for 5s and 6s, so the smash test meant that I was banging some very mediocre girls. The smash test dictated that I sleep with those 5s and 6s, so I did, especially on those nights when it’s hard to find 7s and above. I don’t mind banging a 6 every now and then, and the smash test seems to be for the 5s and 6s. If you’re solely using the smash test then it’s unlikely you’ll get above a 7 since it would be unnecessary for the test.  Using the smash test you become too focused on your nut for the night and you end up banging girls you don’t want to see again. This means your new P acquisition costs are high since you’re not building a team of girls for those off-nights where you don’t feel like working. This is why I have another test that accounts for quality and ego. I call it The Ego Test:Would you want to see her again in public when the sun is out, while sober? Would you want to grab an iced coffee, slurpee, or margarita with her on a nice summer afternoon? Would you want to hold her hand walking through the mall while she shops? If your answer is no then you must realize that the girl you’re about to sleep with will be a smash & dash, and the next weekend you’ll still have to be back on the prowl. I’ve been using both these test successfully depending on the local talent. If it’s a bad night out, where getting decent quality may take forever, I’ll use the smash test, get my nut off for the night, and be thankful for it. But if I’m in a quality environment, I’m switching to the ego test. Otherwise I’m selling myself short. If there are pretty girls in your city, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be going for them, regardless of what your boner is telling you. Unfortunately, ego will play a part in our takedowns. Otherwise we would just be getting drunk and banging nothing but hogs. While the smash test hurts my after-sex happiness when I catch sight of some of the women that lay in my bed, I believe using it is your best bet if you’re not seeing any quality that night. When quality women are around, feed that ego and enjoy the ride.
Let me say this again. I’M NOT TELLING YOU TO FUCK ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. All I suggest you do is use your better judgement and determine if you’re going with the smash test or ego test. You should be using the smash test about 15% of the time and ego the other 85%. This will help with the thirst that a lot of guys get. 2011 has become the year of the thirsty, cupcaking guy. You DON’T want to be the guy putting too much syrup in the game. Cut the Brian McKnight shit out and save it for some lame that doesn’t understand how to get women.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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