Don’t Be Scared To Approach Groups

We all know that you want to approach a woman who is alone and standing by herself. This isn’t a perfect world, and single women standing alone in clubs/bars are a rarity. In turn, that basically means that if you’re going to game in clubs/bars, you’re going to have to approach women in groups. We all know that if you go into groups, it is incredibly hard to hook a girl because her friends will most likely cockblock you, and even if she does like you, she might not show it if the “alpha” female is not warming up to you. I’ve figured out the best possible way to approach a girl who is in a group, and you won’t read about this anywhere else. You pretty much have to approach groups of women the same way an animal would approach its prey in the wild; target the weak one and pick it off. What exactly does that mean? It means that you’re not going to just walk into a group and start running game. If you try to single out a girl, it most likely won’t work either because she is afraid to show that she likes you in front of her friends, or if the “alpha” female doesn’t immediately warm up to you, she won’t warm up to you either (and if you approach the alpha female, she might reject you just to show her authority in front of her friends). In general, it is just a really bad idea to try to game the entire group. You’re not looking to approach the group, even if the girl you’re approaching is in a group. The best way to approach a group of women is to wait for just one girl to be somewhat isolated. She’ll still be with the group, but the other members will be busy chatting with each other. As long as you focus on her, her friends aren’t going to stop dead in the middle of their conversation to try to jump in the middle of yours. To further elaborate, if you approach a group, and engage them as a group, everyone in that group will feel like they have the authority to reject you, and if one rejects you, they all will. However, if you engage just one girl while everyone else is in a conversation and not paying too much attention to her, not only will she judge you without relying on the “alpha” female’s judgment of you, but as long as she appears to be enjoying your conversation, people will leave the two of you alone. Why? Because everyone knows that it’s rude to interrupt someone who is already in a conversation. What if the girl you approached isn’t the one you wanted? Focus on winning her over first. Once she is having fun and laughing with you, you can use that to get your way into her group. Seeing that she has enjoyed your conversation, the other members of her group will most likely warm up to you as well. From there, you can then go after the girl that you really want. A quick review:
1) Don’t just walk into a group.
2) Wait until most of the members of a group are busy chatting it up, and then approach a member of the group that no one is paying attention to.
3) Focus on winning her over, and then use the rapport you’ve built with her to parlay your way into her group to get a different girl if you don’t like her.On a side note, a good place to do this is near the bar. There will usually be one girl getting drinks, while her group is standing behind her busy chatting it up with each other. This will help you with approaching groups right away. You guys owe me a greenie when you see me. I know this shit works lol 


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This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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