She’s Aggressive & Only 20 year old-Sporty Chick (OkCupid)

Fresh off my new profile I get a message from this girl Sporty Chick. “You have one of the best profiles I’ve read and I think you’re hot :)” Hold up let me look at her pics. Ok, she definitely passes the reema fuck test (future post). Her profile talks about her love for sports & especially tennis. I do mention a little tennis in my profile so I’m good. I’m being lazy and I don’t feel like doing much with her or trying to come up with date ideas. I message her back, “Wine & Redbox movie night?” She goes for it. Wow that was easy. I give her directions to the crib. I make sure I wait by the window just in case. If she pulled the bait & switch on me, I’m NOT opening the door. She gets out the car and I see her under the light. This girl is short, nice body and a cute face. She’s wearing a tight v-nick t-shirt, leggings and flip-flops. “Did she come just to fuck?” Only time will tell. We head to Redbox, grab a movie and back to my crib. I had just bought a few bottles of wine so we’re good money. I pour us some wine and we get to chopping it up. She starts telling me about her family, job, all the other things girls like to talk about. I know she’s comfortable because she is telling me her life story (maybe the wine is getting to her). I just sit back and LISTEN. I tease her about different things and keep her laughing. I answer all her questions with vague responses. Three glasses deep it’s time to start the movie, but fuck..she’s all over me. I kiss her and she jumps on me. She’s the one escalating. I push her down and take her shirt and bra off, she pulls my shirt off. We’re making out. I reach for her leggings but she doesn’t let me take them off. I’m surprised. I try to reach in and finger her. She stops that too. WTF is this? Last minute resistance? You can’t be serious? Then, she reaches up and grabs my belt. I undo it for her. She rips my pants off and grabs my dick. I try to get her leggings off. Again, she blocks it. Time to verbally escalate…”I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your little ass.” “Oh really?” “Yeah, I’m gonna make you cum so many’re not ready for me.” “Are you sure?” she says. “Girl, do you know who you’re talking to?” “No, I don’t think you’re ready for me. Once I get started, I’m not just going to want one round.” I try to take off the leggings again, blocked. This LMR shit is fucken garbage. She gets up and puts her clothes back on. I’m not moving for SHIT, my dick is still out. She starts to rub on it so I push her down to get some head. She doesn’t go for that either, but she does spit on it and starts to give me a handjob. I just start watching the movie while she is vigorously giving me a handjob until I reach the brink. I have to stop her so I don’t blow a load across the room. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. When she comes back from the bathroom I start ignoring her. I put on some tunes and she comes over, sits on my lap and start to give me a lap dance. We head back over to the couch. Time to try again. I get her undressed again, but the thrill is gone for me. She’s too aggressive. She’s escalating me more than I’m escalating her. In a super aggressive way, she’s trying to manhandle me. I finally get her naked with the removal of the “prized leggings”. “Your turn” she says to me. As I take off my clothes…”turn around, I want to see your butt” WAIT, WHAT? She wants to see my butt? Of course I ignore her and instead I get on top of her and start to finger her. She pushes my hand out after a very short time and complains about me being too rough. I don’t care, I’ve been told I have magic fingers. I guess every girl is different.  I’m about to get on top of her when she pushes me down and climbs on top of me. I don’t like this shit. She’s way too aggressive and dominant. I guess my frame is bad. I wonder if my laziness has brought upon this bad frame where now she’s the aggressor/leader in the bedroom. She rides me for a bit until I cum and push her off and throw the condom on the floor. I try to go back to watching the movie and just ignoring her. She makes fun of me for wanting to watch the movie.  She says she wants to have sex and she wants another round. I tell her get me hard again. She starts giving me a handjob, but she’s being too rough. I push her away and tell her to use her mouth. She tries to act offended and then gets up and puts her clothes back on. I get dressed and consider kicking her out. I don’t because I’m not against going for another round. I go back to watching the movie and she keeps trying to make out with me. During the making she complains about me pulling her hair. What the fuck is up with this girl? She complains when I’m aggressive and then keeps trying to jump back into the aggressive role herself.  It’s the biggest turnoff ever and I hate it. She says she wants another round. I tell her to give me some head. She’s just playing with it in her hands and not really sucking my shit so I tell her“If you’re trying to get me hard again, you’re going in the opposite direction now.” “So, how do I get you hard again?” She asks. “You have to suck on it like you mean it.” She finally puts it in her mouth starts “really” giving me some head. She sucks me off until I cum. She wants another round but I need a break. I pour another glass of wine and chill for a little. Of course she is back with the complaining about wanting to have more sex. She gives me head again, until I’m hard so I can put the condom on. I lay her back down and start fucking her again. I’ve already had multiple nuts so I’m not really into it. A couple more pumps and she gets frustrated. She puts on her clothes and leaves….Dueces Shorty! I can guarantee she will never hear from me again. It’s one of the worst sexual experience I’ve ever had, with her being so aggressive and all. Well, actually the head was decent. 
This is my third online shorty. I’m 3 for 3 with girls looking like the profile pics. I know this won’t last but what’s a man to do? I’ve been seriously doing the online dating for a little over two months. Three girls in three months. Not bad but I want to increase those number significantly. I know everyone says the first three months are the hardest for online dating. This is when the most guys give up. I’m NOT most guys so I’m excited for more to come.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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