The 3 Date Rule-Reema Swag Dating

I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day. He started seeing this cute girl, and they’ve hung out a lot. During one week, they’ve hung out at a pool a couple of times, been to a couple of bars, etc. Some of those day dates seem more like half dates than full dates. They’ve met probably seven or eight times already, but it seems more like three real dates total. I think anytime there’s a planned face-to-face interaction, it’s a date. Even if there’s no alcohol involved, it’s still a progression toward familiarity and the possibility of the sex. Lets take a look at the Three Date Rule. It’s not the Three Date Guideline, but a rule. When there’s a rule, there’s many of us that stay within the rule, and avoid the guilt and shame that comes with breaking it and not getting laid. “Don’t be a chump,” you tell yourself. Then you wonder what your friends are saying about you: “what a chump.” “Lame” “Herb” However, rules are there to be broken. I totally agree with that mentality. It’s important to know why a rule exists, so when you do break it, it will be to your advantage, and not your detriment. I believe that there are two main reasons why the 3DR exists:
1.Too much time pursuing one girl means time not spent pursuing others.
2. Beyond three dates, you have to play by her rules to get laid, which means your confidence plummets while you try lame tactics to get her.
I think these reasons are self-explanatory, and they lead to who the 3DR is meant for: The up-and-coming players. I’ve been using the 3DR lately, leading to harsh ways of me cutting girls off who aren’t spreading their legs. More on that later. But back to my friend, I told him to stick with the 3DR. I began thinking of situations where I think breaking it might do more good than harm. Rules are meant to be broken, and she was cute and clearly interested. I came up with three good reasons to break the Three Date Rule. I call it Reema Swag Dating.
1. She’s a really good girl who’s possibly marriage material.
Of course, we sleep around with sluts, whores, and slores. We’d never let them meet our parents. Occasionally, you might meet a girl who, if you decided to settle down, would be just about perfect. The type of girl who hasn’t been riding the cock carousel, and doesn’t plan on buying a ticket for it. After years in the game, she’s as close to being “the one” as you’ve ever seen. Naturally, she could be riding that cock carousel, and doesn’t want you to know about it. That’s a pretty significant risk. But figuring out the truth isn’t that difficult unless you’re blinded by passion. If she isn’t spending most of her time with you, she’s probably getting it from somewhere else. Or she’s a virgin.
2. You’re getting sex from other women.
If your sack is being consistently drained, it’s likely that you’ll be on a date and have no desire to get laid. Or you might want to, but your body is holding you back. In this situation, your confidence shouldn’t be affected at all. If anything, you’re denying her the chance of getting some dick. If that doesn’t get the juices in her “gina” region flowing then you have more problems than you know.
3. You really enjoy her company (and not because of the anticipation of glorious sex).
This is the toughest situation, because you might be lying to yourself. You’ll have to sit back and ask yourself some sobering questions. Are you excited when you’re around her, panting and salivating like a dog desirous of attention? Do your dates with her end with you hiding your massive boner in shame? Did you go home and cry after you masturbated? Or can you share activities as if she’s a cool friend? You might have to ask your friends to get to the cold, hard truth. I think many of us have experienced the company of a fun girl who we could go to the movies together and enjoy each other’s company without expectations. Unfortunately, I don’t realize this until after I’ve banged her. There’s also the possibility that she’s had some emotional experience and been hurt, and has put up the walls of China to protect herself. I don’t consider this a good reason to break the 3DR, unless you want a potential psycho on your hands after you finally bang her. Rules exist for a reason. Understand those reasons and how they apply to you, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot and have to shoot into an old sock.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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