The One Online Date Question you should be asking

When on a date there are a million different ways a conversation can go and a million different topics to speak on. But what you should be looking for are clues that will guide you to smashing that night or by date three. This is the question I’ve always ask on a first online date after we’ve gotten pass the initial getting to know each other chat. This shit is fucken priceless. Here it is…“So what do you think about the other guys you’ve dated online so far?” This may seem like a simple no brainer question but it’s a two-part “gina” spreader. Keep in mind that women love to bitch and complain about how there are no good guys out there, also the fact that given the chance they will bring up all the bad things about dating before the good. Since at the moment she’s single on a date with you means it probably hasn’t gone well in the past. In all my first dates asking this question I’m amazed that I’ve never heard a response like, “Online guys are great, smart, funny have big dicks” Nothing positive. It’s always the guys are jerks, play games, immature, too career driven, needy, whatever. It’s not that you really care but if you listen closely she’ll basically giving you a list of traits guys that have dicked her over have. If she say’s something like, “most of the guys she’s dated are needy and insecure or too clingy” this lets you know to be the opposite and just be fall back alpha. If she says most of the guys she’s dated are “too macho, arrogant and full of themselves” this means, try not to brag about your accomplishments as much and even show a more feminine side. The point is to use this information to appear “different” from all the other guys she’s dated (remember that’s what I stress). Nothing turns a girl on more than dating a type of guy that’s new or she thinks she’s never dated before. Even if you are like all the other guys she’s dated you can fake it on till you smash then after that be yourself. Now if she wasn’t raised in a barn she will ask you the same question in return out of politeness. This is as equally important as the first part. It’s not your turn to list the traits of all the stuck up bitches that have fucked you over and broke your heart. Dudes confessing & bitching about other women on dates give off the serial killer probable date rape vibe. You WILL never hear from her or see her again acting like that. This is how you answer the question.. “I’ve been really lucky, I’ve met a lot of cool, interesting and smart women online. I’m even friends with some of them still. But I’ve heard some horror stories from my friends, it seems that a lot of girls online like to play games or are just crazy” This does two things. It makes you appear to date a lot of hot cool chicks while giving off the impression that some of them were good enough to keep around and still are. This will bring up the competition in your date to check herself and see if she measures up to the women of your pass. You bring in the comment about your friends as a way of letting her know all the undesirable traits you don’t expect her to have. Flaking on dates, playing games and whatever shit you can think of. I’ve been asked this question and been able to change my behavior on a dime which led me to smash on the first date that night. One of the most important skills to have in-game is the ability to adapt to your date and the environment you’re in. Don’t memorize the line I just used word for word, learn the theory behind it.

Afterthought:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I know a bunch of you will still use this shit word for word lol. Don’t be surprised if she tells you she heard me say that already haha. Feel free to just takeout the online and just use for dating in general. This will also help you with your non online dates.


About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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