We can always go back to your place a.k.a She Got Twins part 2

I blow off Little K and agree to meet up with She Got Twins. I don’t send her my standard mission statement because technically, I’ve already hung out with her. We agree to hit up a spot WALKING DISTANCE from her place. This is super important because once we leave this bar, I can walk her home and use my line for getting inside her place. I wouldn’t do that to you guys and not tell you. Just ask to use the bathroom. This works like a charm. If she says no, you weren’t going to get any to begin with. I love going out on Sundays (read the plan b post). Places are never packed. On my way to her, she tells me about a party one of her friends want us to go to. I met her friend the first night and left a good impression on her. I have no problem with that. I know how to be a women’s arm candy. I start playing back the post on being social acceptable.  “Remember Reema, you need to just talk to her friends. Do NOT FLIRT with the girlfriends. Keep everything light & fun.” She Got Twins calls me and brings up getting food. I don’t go for it and let her know I had dinner already.  The first night was mostly joking and having a good time. I know what I need to do and the notch will be all mine. Time to jump into “not fuck up mode” (future post). I meet her at the spot and she’s looking better than when I first met her. Curly black hair, Little jean shorts, tight fitting colorful top and heels. We exchange childhood stories, our hobbies and current goals in life.  This is comfort game at its best. The whole time she’s talking, I’m just leaning back, staying calm and my swag is on a million. She even tells me I seem so “relax, I must do this all the time.” I just laugh and play it off. No response is needed for that. Take the compliment and keep it moving. Time to go meet her friends at this party. On the ride over, she lets me know it’s just going to be four of us at the house. “WTF she wants an orgy or something?” I just laugh, tease her about wanting to be swingers, and that she should at least buy me dinner first. We never make it to the friend’s house. Her friend never picks up her phone. Ok, I will use this to my advantage. She wants to stop and pack a bowl to smoke. I don’t take a hit. Shit, I’m not trying to be stuck and fuck this one up. We already have two bottles with us and some free time. I suggest we go back to her crib to continue drinking. No resistance from her, so I know what time it is. As long as I DON’T GET TOO DRUNK, everything will be fine. We get back to her place and she gives me a tour. I make us a drink and we chill on the couch for some more talking. After more drinks & talking she goes in her room to change into something more “comfortable.” By this time we’ve already been kissing, with light touching. She comes out in a tank top and little booty shorts. “Damnnnn, girl! ITS ON!” I start sliding my hands higher and higher up her shorts. She is not resisting anything. I go for more kissing while I start playing with the booty. I reach for the front of her shorts and she lets me right in. I don’t go straight for fingering her though. I need to tease a little. Suspense is key. I just rub on her clit and whisper in her ear. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you. You’re going to cum all night long.” She’s wet as shit and the moaning starts getting louder & louder. She whispers “I want you inside me baby”. I need to get this poppin. I pull my dick out and she gets to working on it. This girl definitely knows what she is doing. I beat that pussy up the only way I know how. I will be seeing more of this one. NOTCH SIRR! 

After thought: 
Sticking to my strengths is key. That is the theme moving forward for me. I wasn’t in my head over-thinking and I DIDN’T GET WASTED. I’m starting to like this game thing. My swag is on a million right now.  

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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4 Responses to We can always go back to your place a.k.a She Got Twins part 2

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  2. P-Money says:

    So Remma does the online thing work, I mean it seems to for you. How do you go about 1st date? Bring her around your peeps and their girls so that its not weird? Or get to know her better 1st? I mean honestly I’m digging the idea for letting her know how fucking badazz I am b4 I introduce her to my dogs… why because my dogs get with hot bitches too and I dont want these skanks to want what they cant have. Not that any of my friends would pounce or anything. Just wanted to know what you thought and how you go about the whole online thing. I have never really given it a shot just cuz I mean who knows who the fuck they have been with, but I mean who knows who this skank at the end of the bar has been with too, ya digg.

    • I’m in a relationship so I haven’t done any online dating in like 2 years. With the whole catfish thing, I would leave online dating online. If you decide to do it, you have to get women offline as quick as possible. I would say 4 messages max. I would give women instructions on when to hit me up and give them my number. You never want to go on group dates with women you haven’t had sex with at least 5 times. I have a lot of good articles on online dating. Just click on the online dating link and it will have dozens of post on how to use online dating effectively.

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