The V with Mizzle- How I met Little K & First meet with She Got Twins

I never hit this spot up but the homie JB has been talking this place up for a minute. Time to see what this shit is all about. Mizzle ends up agreeing to meet a POF girl earlier in the night. He tells me the plan is to just meet her, come back to the crib and we would both head out to the V. Of course I know this won’t happen. Shit is just never that easy. If this girl is cute, he will not want to just leave her. Once she realizes that Mizzle is a good dude, she will want to handcuff  hangout with him for the night. Time for a plan B just in case. He calls me, and tells me he is inviting her out with us. No biggie, I’ve already invited a few girls out (Little Physics, Little S, Ex Wifey and She Got Twins). I didn’t care about inviting multiple girls because I knew all of them would not show up. She Got Twins calls me and tells me she will   meet me at the spot. Mizzle comes back with his POF date Little J. Time to get this night started. We hit first bar and this place is just horrible. Nothing good around. To top it off I’m not doing any approaches. I knew Mizzle would be stuck hanging with Little J for the night. I was hoping a change of scenery would pump me up. We hit up the second spot and it’s much better. More women and good music playing in the background. I’m still not approaching any women. Again, I’m in my head and it’s driving me crazy. “Reema you have to approach something man”. This shit has to stop. I see a cute girl with red streaks so I tell her I like her hair, we exchange names and I keep it moving. This other girl bumps into me (girl game?) and we start talking. We exchange names and small talk but nothing sticks. She leaves and goes back to her friends. I see 3 girls (ghetto looking white girls) not my type, but I approach anyway. I use the “book opener”, it sticks for a little but it dies down with small talk and nothing more.  Little J is observing me and reporting to Mizzle. Time to meet my online date. I have She Got Twins waiting for me outside. Phew, she LOOKS like her pics. Definetly something I would smash. Nice booty with a cute face. She’s with a girl and a guy. Holy shit, I know this kid. I met him a while back at a few house parties. I even think we both fuck hangout with the same girls. I hope he doesn’t get drunk and start exposing me. I tease She Got Twins about something in her car and that gets everyone laughing. Good way to break the ice Reema. We make our way into the spot. The chemistry between us is high as a kite. They go to the bar to get drinks, I chill back and let them do the thing. When talking to She Got Twins, I make sure to keep teasing, light touching and making her laugh. Time to do what I do best. We make our way to the dance floor and she is grinding on me hard. Damn she has my dick hard. The only thought in my head is how bad I wanna fuck her. “PUMP THE BRAKES REEMA, DAMN” She is letting me touch anywhere & everywhere. I’m kissing on her neck doing my thing. We go in and out of talking and dancing. This chick is cool and she is going to get it TONIGHT. Time for a bathroom break for her and a drink for me. I make my way to the bar, I see this cute little blonde with beatiful eyes and a nice body. We exchange eye contact and I don’t break it. The fuck me eyes are intense. I need to go talk to this girl. “Wait, She Got Twins?” Fuck it, we start talking and she ask me if I’m with my girlfriend. Obvious shit test that I just avoid. I number close within minutes. “Fuck, She Got Twins is now behind me kissing on my neck with my phone out getting this other girls number. I tell her to hold on and I finish getting Little K’s phone number. Now my swag is through the roof. The whole time Little K is watching me dance with She Got Twins, she’s giving me the fuck me eyes. All I do is just smile and keep doing my thing. On a quick side note: Mizzle is still with Little J. He’s getting his dance on. I give him the salute, he just smiles and keeps doing his thing. Back to regular scheduled programming… Mizzle leaves with Little J and gives me his keys. Good look homie, I need somewhere to fuck too. It’s time for She Got Twins to leave and drop her friends off. She wants to meet up with me when she’s done to continue the night. I know that means have great sex. We agree to meet up when she’s finishing dropping them off. When she leaves I turn my attention to Little K. She is loving me and we start dancing. She lets me know she lives upstate and is only here for the week. The notch is now mine to lose.  Remember to stay calm, cool and DON’T get too drunk. This place is starting to get dead. Little K wants me to go to another spot with her to continue the night. I start escalating and the make out starts. She is grabbing on me telling me she wants me to give it to her. I’m pulling her hair and whispering “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you later” She loves every minute of this. Cockblocking in 3,2,1. Little K’s cousin keeps pulling her away from me to introduce her to other dudes. I don’t know if this shit is planned or what. Don’t these girls know my swag is on a million right now? I don’t let it bother me and I start talking to other girls. Little K comes back to keep kissing on me. She Got Twins is calling. I need to answer. I tell her let’s meet up in a few. I know Little K is ready to go but the cockblock cuz is pissing me off. I go to get a drink and Little K just disappears. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” I don’t sweat it because in 20 minutess I will be fucking hanging out with She Got Twins. Little K texts me asking me why I left. I don’t have times for games shorty. She  wants to meet up but her cuz will not let her. I’m not going to show any of the text on here but basically she wants me to give it to her hard & rough. She wants to meet the next day. Ok, I will get up with her tomorrow, back to She Got Twins. It’s now 4:21am and She Got Twins tells me she can’t come over because she got into a fight with her brother. “WTF is happening to me right now? Did I just lose two girls in the same night?” She calls me and she is crying on the phone. Wait, What? Why would she call me crying? This is now getting crazy. I tease her to make her laugh and cheer up. She tells me she wants to see me tomorrow. When I get back to the crib Mizzle is home. Did the same thing happen to him? Yess Sirrr. Little J pulls the last-minute resistance and doesn’t want him to come over. We chopped the night up and laugh at how we both had shit so close but so far. This is just part of the game. To be continued……

Afterthought:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Theses places had zero black people. Whatever girls that were around that liked black guys were coming to us. We had no competition. Little K told me she noticed me for a while and was waiting for me to be “done with the other sluts” so she could talk to me. Social proof at its best. She seen me having fun, approaching and it didn’t hurt that She Got Twins was all on me. It’s very important to just be having fun even if you’re not approaching right away. Women are watching you.


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  1. Juelz Long says:

    Great story

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