The Hangover Mizzle &Reema edition

The night starts out at with me & Mizzile meeting my friend Little S that works at [redacted]. This girl is cute with a GREAT body. I thought I was LJBF (lets just be friends). She always complements me on my looks and fashion sense. I know that doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve invited her out twice before, but she hasn’t been able to make it out yet. I thought it was lost but Mizzle is telling me to keep it as a long fuse. He doesn’t think I’m in the friends zone. We go there for a drink and this other waitress is making hard eye contact with me. I smile, she smiles and she walks back around me three or four times. I say nothing to her (Idiot move). I blame it on being able to see her again because I know Little S a.k.a I’m a pussy. “Man up Reema damn.” Time for next stop. Another round of drinks at [redacted] where we know the bartender Older Blondie. She is cool and hooks us up all the time. Not really a gold mine for women, just a stop along the way. Mizzle always does his thing here, so I have no problem going. They do have a cute waitress Little Bathroom Girl. She came into the bathroom to clean it a couple of times I was in there, so I just tease her about that all the time. I couldn’t isolate her this time because she was working a few tables, a.k.a I’m still being a pussy. She would walk past me, smile and we would make small talk. Again, I’m letting this girl just slip away. I know I need to get her number and fuck “hangout with her”. She is only 18 so I need to be in a setting with her and all the friends. A house party or over 18 club/bar. Nothing else to report. This is where the fun begins. We get to our dance sport in (redacted). Music is always good and we know the women are always looking good. Wait, this night was a little different. The pickings are slim. Me and Mizzle are always looking to approach on the dance floor. I know how to dance so this is easy for me. I use my famous club line for a dance.” Can you show me how to dance” I always get a stare, a response of “Ha, I just seen you dance. You KNOW how to dance.” 90% of the time this works. After a few trips around the dance floor,  I end up  settling meeting this one girl. She is with a friend that is NOT giving Mizzle the time of day. I dance with Dance Partner for pretty much the rest of the night. I get her number and we continue talking at the bar. This is where the night gets fuzzy. Fast forward to 6:08am, I wake up in the parking lot in Mizzles car. The keys are in my pocket still and I have NO idea how I got in his car. I look over, Mizzle is passed out with no shirt on, and his pants are dirty as fuck. “WTF happen to us?” We try to chop up the night and apparently Mizzle got kicked out. “Did the same thing happen to me?” I text Dance Partner, “hey nice to meet you” Radio Silence. “What did we do towards the end of the night?” This is something I will never know….
After Thought:
So much more shit went down but I can’t really remember the other half of the night. I am so relieved that we woke up in the car and not in a damn jail cell. Don’t drink and drive

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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