Holy Shit she came back a.k.a Little 50 part 3

 So I read from this guy Rossy about trying to get flakes back on the hook. I text little 50“what’s up flaky mcflakester.” Right away she responds, “hahaha I’ve been busy”. I don’t respond. This girl is still playing games.  She calls me and I still don’t answer. Don’t chase Reema. I need to do something to keep this shit off my mind. I hit up the homie TMZ. He invites me to a little party on this kids boat. Since it was [redacted] holiday it would a good place to go. I call little 50 back “Yo meet me in twenty minutes and wear a bathing suit”. Again, I start to get into my head.”Why am i going to introduce this girl to my friends and we haven’t even had sex yet? Wait, I haven’t even kissed this girl?” This had LJBF all over it. She arrives right on time. She gets out the car wearing a sexy pink bikini, a white thing wrapped around her, and some flip flops. I could see those C cups calling my name. and her ass  was like whoa. We arrive at the spot and the crew is chillen, drinking and having a good time. Little 50 is talking to TMZ and a few of the girls. I knew one of the girls wanted me so I knew to use this to my advantage.  Every time Little 50 looks at me, she sees this girl flirting with me hard. I keep it up a little longer until I see her getting really pissed off. Time to make my move! I take her by the hand and we go on top of the sand hill. The view is insane. I guess girls like shit like this. I can’t front, I’m loving this view too. I go for the kiss and get no resistance. It’s crazy how another girl all over you will drive another girl crazy. We start make out, I start kissing on the neck. She is loving this. She lets out a little moan and now she is grabbing me. I whisper in her ear“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. You’re going to cum all night long.” Then I stop and push her away. Got to do a little push-pull/teasing. We enjoy the view some more. She wants me to come back to her place for wine & movie a.k.a you better come fuck me Reema. Now I’m in control, so I have to push her buttons. I tell her I have to get up early and if I come over it wont be for long. She agrees and off we go. As soon as we get inside I throw her against the wall and start going to work. Clothes come off at a rapid pace. I’m fingering her, she’s jerkin me. She goes down on me like it was her last meal. Damn this girl is a little freak. Look at her using a few different tongue motions. After a few minutes of this, I’m ready to go. I’ve been trying to fuck her all day and I’m hard as a diamond. She wants to go in her bedroom but fuck that shit, she’s getting right on this wall. I put her legs up and start pounding. She’s moaning as I hit her spot over and over again. She’s talking some shit…”you better keep that pace Reema!” We fall to the ground, she goes on top, and she works it like a champ. I pull her hair and start choking her.”Oh shit!”, she says. She start riding me harder and harder. Shit is getting there and her moans are increasing in pitch until she cums. My turn! I flip her over, go as hard as I can, and then pull out and release all over her. That was fun. NOTCH SIRRRRR!
After thought:
I really thought I would never hear from this girl again. I improved with her by not rushing anything and escalating at the right moment. It certainly didn’t hurt that some other girl who looked as good as her was all over me. My swag was  calm, cool and collected. I DIDN’T GET TOO DRUNK. I need to keep using my strengths. I’m naturally a relax, calm person. Only when too much alcohol gets in me, shit goes downhill. I feel better getting back to my roots. Excited for more to come.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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