I call her little 50- OkCupid

Took a few messages but I was able to get her phone number testing out my number close message (coming soon). I text her the mission statement with the full details. I contemplated showing up late but, I decided to be on time. This was my first real online date. She walks in wearing tight jeans, low cut purple top and the heels like her mission statement instructed. I rate her a 7. Great body, cute face, and she smelled good. Little 50 is 21 years old so I knew I had to take control early. It was only a matter of time before the shit test started. The drink menu comes and I order for both of us. Little 50 starts asking about food.” Hey Reema, do you want to get some food?” I specifically told her I don’t do dinner on first dates. “I ate already, I’m good”. I get her to open up about her friends, family, childhood and overall goals in life. That was part of my comfort game. I hit her with VK’s famous question “So what do you think about the other guys you’ve dated online so far?” She tells me she has met a lot of guys that have been needy, clingy and overall creepy because they would  just start touching her too much, too fast. I knew this meant I had to fall back and play it cool. That is my specialty. I had my response on deck but I did not need it. She’s not asking me any questions. Is this girl interested? Is this bitch just trying to get some free drinks? I decide to keep going and now she starts to ask me questions. She starts getting closer to me, touching her hair, touching my leg and laughing at my jokes. You know the usually IOIs (indicator of interest). At this point I feel like I’m doing pretty good. Time to bounce her to another place. We go to spot #2 and they have a live band playing. I take a seat in the back room so it would be quieter. I sit next to her, not across from her. She allows me to touch, and rub on her while we are still talking. “Holy shit Reema stop trying to touch her so much. Remember, she doesn’t like that.” Of course I don’t stop. I escalate with rubbing her thighs under the table. The waiter comes over and this bitch asks for a menu. Didn’t I say I’m not buying you food? This place is known for beer, she doesn’t drink beer so she doesn’t order a drink. This is not good. I get two beers. She goes right for the menu and orders a steak & shrimp meal. If this girl thinks I’m paying for surf & turf this date is going to get crazy. We start talking about movies and more of our dating dos & don’ts. She is already bringing up a second date. I agree to the second date at her crib, so we can fuck watch a movie and chill. I make sure to tease her as much as possible. Right now I know this girl is into me. Then I start getting into my head. “Why haven’t I tried to kiss her yet?” “What am I waiting for?” “Am I still scared of rejection?” The bill comes and the waiter gives it to me. I slide it right over to her. We do this for a little, and then she pays the bill. Equal rights shorty! We get up and make our way over to the band. Now, I have to deal with some old sloppy guy trying to talk to me. “Don’t you see me trying to get some pussy?” I lean on the bar and she leans into me. “KISS HER REEMA. KISS HER.” I don’t make a move. I am going to drop the ball on this. “Why am I freezing up right now?” We listen to a few songs and go. I walk her back to her car with my arms around her. We say our goodbyes, I go for the kiss and she turns her chicks. I say “kiss?”, she just laughs and hugs me again. I leave………..To be continued

After Thought:
 Failure to escalate on this date the right way was my downfall. I didn’t listen when she told me what she didn’t like. I was supposed to just go with light touching, get a few kisses and fall the fuck back. I had multiple opportunities to grab her and just go for the kiss. Why am I asking for a kiss? How much of a herb can I be sometimes. You have to take what you want in life. I need to fix this. I won’t be surprised if this girl flakes on me and I never hear from her again.

About The Reemachronicles

This blog is about the great NY dating scene. My focus will be on improving your overall greatness, the online dating game, some fashion tips and just other random thoughts helping guys get better with women. I will even give you updates on the current women in my life. Get on for the crazy ride that is my life.
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