Supreme Court upholds ban on affirmative action in college admissions

The 6-2 decision upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. The ban on affirmative action applies not only to admissions decisions at public colleges, but also to state hiring and contracting practices.

I keep telling everyone that Jim Crow 2.0 is going on right now. The crazy thing about this is that White women and Asians get the most affirmative action benefits and these “minority” benefits. Anytime you hear about affirmative action or minority, the dominant society shows/talks about Black people. That’s the chess behind it. Minority doesn’t mean Black. Now when you have no black people enrolled in the school and no Black people being hired for state jobs they can say,  “They just didn’t qualify”. This is even more of a reason to start being independent of the system.

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The Black Elite

In my last post I spoke about how it’s time to start distancing ourselves from coons. Black people who start deflecting and coming up with smoke screens when it’s time to talk about replacing the system of white supremacy, with a system of justice. What a lot of Black people don’t know is that in every city big or small, you have the Black Elite. The Black Elite is broken down into five groups. All working different angles with the same goal. To deflect from the goal of having a system of justice. Now when I say a system of justice, I just mean everything being on an even playing field. No special treatment for any groups. The Black Elite has already sold out. They have no interest in helping the Black community. They’re only job is to get a nice check and control progress. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s break down the different parts of the black elite

Church- This is the most dangerous division of the Black elite. Certain pastors use the church to keep you sleeping. All week you’re ready for a change. All week you can’t wait to get to church to talk about ways to organize and discuss ways to hold our elect officials accountable. Instead you get a sleeping pill. For hours you hear that the best way to fix your problems is to pray and give the church money. Every time you ask about solutions all you hear is “Let’s pray on it.” “The lord will help us.” “God won’t let you struggle if he knew you couldn’t handle it.” What kind of backwards shit is that? How can you talk about heaven and you are teaching me to be comfortable living in hell. I don’t want to wait for after life. I want my heaven now.

Media- These are Black people who have radio shows, TV shows, newspapers, magazines and websites. Millions of us listen to them everyday. The two most popular Black websites are media takeout and world star hip hop. What do they talk about? Nothing of importance. Listen to your local radio station. What do they talk about? Nothing of importance.  Instead of talking about the graduation rate, you hear about what Beyonce did on vacation. You hear about how much money Rick Ross spent at the strip club.  You hear about the upcoming BET awards.

Academic- These are the Black people who work for your elementary schools, high schools, community colleges and universities. They’re job is deflect the influence the dominant society has in the schools. When you say,“Why my child in special Ed?” “Why my child not learning anything”. They say,”Because you’re poor”, “He listens to rap”, “His parents didn’t go to college.” We all know that has nothing to do with why our kids aren’t learning. Over 90% of teachers are middle-aged White women who could give two fucks if a Black child is learning. A majority of schools with 100% Black students have all White teachers. On the flip side you can not point out a school that is 100% White with Black teachers. It just doesn’t exist. Don’t you think there’s a reason behind that?

Insignificant Titles- These are Black people who have fancy ass titles. I’m the chief of police, captain at the fire department, council man, alderman, Vice President, deputy. They have nice business cards and even a parking space. Now what do they do for the everyday Black person? Absolutely nothing. Most of them have non-profit corporations that they use to take all of the resources. A grant comes in for 100k and 80k of it goes in their pocket. The IRS knows about this but they do nothing. Why would they? These people are keeping you sleeping. The dominant society knows they can give a Black person a title and they will walk around like the man. They will defend that title 100%

Money- These are black people in your city with money. When I say money, I mean multi millionaires. They have enough money to fund the after school program or build a community center. They have enough money where they could put some Black kids to work. Nope, can’t do that. But the YMCA gets a check. The boys and girls club gets a check. The urban league gets a check. Tsunami recovery gets a check. School shooting funds get a check. Hurricane Katrina? Nope, can’t do that.

Again, it’s time to distance ourselves from people like this. It’s time to stop being scared. This is why we can’t get any respect. Until we meet again…

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Coons & Zimmerman

This is going to be a short post. I’m going to get a lot deeper in future post. I just wanted to stop in and leave you guys with some good game. We need this game more than ever right now. Before I get into the game, all my dudes hitting me up to tell me that their girl/wife/fuck buddy doesn’t like me PLEASE STOP! Do you really think they’re going to like me? You’re here for self-improvement. Your lack of game is the reason why you are currently in your situation. Why would your whack girl who takes advantage of you want you to read the chronicles? She doesn’t want you to step your game up because that means you wouldn’t be fucking with her. I digress on that. Ok let me get into some game. On Saturday George Zimmerman had an autograph signing at a gun show. Rapper Lil bossie got released from jail so Black people were focused on that. What a lot of you don’t know is that these gun shows are White supremacist meet groups. I’m talking about the hardcore ones too. The only reason why Zimmerman is so popular is because he killed a Black child. Treating Zimmerman like a celebrity is White supremacy exercising itself. This is being done to let the Black community know how weak you are. They know they can get away with this. They see how passive and weak Black people are acting right now, especially Black men. I was on Facebook talking about this and the coon train is never late to leave the station. A lot of Black men start cooning once we start talking about challenging White supremacy. “Well what about Black on Black crime? We should just forget about Zimmerman. Ain’t he Hispanic” That’s scared coon talk. When White supremacy is whooping your ass and you get on this scared deflection, it’s time for you to go. The game is too serious right now. Coons have to be left alone. We can’t have them in our circle anymore. They have already surrendered.  This is very clear by their actions. It’s time we focus more on a grass-roots level. It’s very shameful that a lot of Black men are going out like this. Cooning won’t save you. You might get a pat on the head and get a little bullshit title at your job. Just know that you will be thrown under the bus when you are not needed anymore. Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I’m still here. I’ve been responding to a lot if your emails so keep those coming over. Until we meet again…

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People always ask me about wifey so here she is. She only wants me to keep this up for a few days.

P.S. Girls love the duck lips

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2013 in review

I’m not surprised that the post with the most traffic was about Sluts. Sluts rule the world haha

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 74,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Year’s Eve Tips- Reema Edition Re-Blog

I originally wrote this post in 2011. This is one of the highest viewed post. The game rules from 2011 can definitely be used today in 2013/2014. This year the crew renting a spot in NYC. We’re running owners son game so no lines and we got a few tables. Ok, re blog game….

I actually like New Year’s Eve. Over the years, I’ve had some crazy moments and memories. Straight debauchery. Last year, I had sex with my friend’s roommate a little after the ball dropped. What makes this funny is that we never really spoke to each other. (I love my wife). Just the occasional hi and bye. After it went down my friend told me she developed some type of crush on me during the three times I went over (Reema swag). NYE is not always going to go down like this. I’ve gone to overpriced clubs that I left before watching the ball drop and I’ve gone places where I thought this was the best night in history. I want all of you to have a night to remember. Bring in 2012 2014 the elite way. Here are some tips to have success on New Year’s Eve.

1. Dress To Impress- I made this number one for a reason. Everyone knows that I LOVE to get dressed up and its something that I do everyday (no bull shit). If you never dress up, tonight is the night to do so. Fuck it; wear a tux if you want to. Most women think men in tuxes are sexy, and you’ll feel that way. This year, I’m going to be wearing all my favorite things, and they happen to all work perfectly together. Fitted Navy blue cotton vest and matching pants, chocolate-brown watch, caramel wingtips, fitted white dress shirt, and gold tie. Well, I’m still undecided on the tie. Remember, good things happen to men who are dressed nice around women who will all feel sexy because they will be wearing nice dresses.

2. Venue Preparation Is Key- Picking the right venue is the difference between having a great night, and saying how much you hate New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to go to the biggest name club in your area. This place will be overpriced and packed to the wall. You have to remember that NYE club parties are filled with people who NEVER go out. This just means more attention whoring and thirsty ass dudes. If you decide the bar/club thing is what you want to do, stick to the low-key spots you usually go to. That’s exactly what I’m doing this year. One of my favorite’s low key spots is having a NYE party. $50 per person with open bar from 9pm-2am. I know you guys have places like this in your city. You need to make sure you have a plan and execute it.

3. No Date? No Problem- Don’t think you can’t have fun because you don’t have a date. Just looking at my Facebook news feed, I’ve already seen at least 20 girls ask about NYE plans. They’re all looking for something to do. You can just have a party. Have a few of your boys chip in with you. Yes, it could get messy, crazy, etc. Being the host of a party has perks. Me and the crew did this one year and it was a HUGE hit. We all got laid that night. This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t make something happen. We could have just sat around, did nothing and complained about NYE. It’s going to be 2012. You MUST be bold with your game. Call these women and say, “Hey, we’re all having a party for NYE, and I wanted to make sure you were good. I know how flakey NYE plans can be.” There’s no neediness and you’re not being pushy. You will be surprised how many women will respond great to this. And you can make sure they’ll bring other girls with them. It will be a night to remember.

4. I Already Have Date- This is great news. You have a few good options. Get three or four other couples and dominate a place TOGETHER. This way, instead of just being some couples at a party, you guys will BE the damn party. Plus, what woman doesn’t like being the center of attention. Me, Blaze and TMZ did this one year. We hit up a fancy black tie event. This place was filled with a lot of older, stuck up rich people. We loosened everyone up and had a blast. I picked up a few great business contacts and we even play Tennis together sometimes. Maybe you’re the only one that has a date. You can call your date and see if she has any (attractive) friends that have nothing planned for NYE. Let her know she should invite a few of them out to make sure they don’t stay home doing nothing. Then tell your boys to come out. No pressure involved, just a group of people hanging out on NYE. If you just want it just be you and your date, that’s cool in the game. Invite her over for a nice dinner. After dinner you can walk around the area, watch a movie, watch the NYE specials, or even go get your dance on. The options are limitless.

5. Don’t Get WASTED, Get Laid- I know getting wasted on NYE can be a great time. We have all done it. Most nights when you get wasted, you’re not having sex. Especially if you’re single, tonight you want to be on top of your game. Forget about getting drunk to talk to women. That’s lame, simp shit. You have a major advantage not being drunk when everyone else is. You will have full control over yourself and your emotions. In terms of female persuasion, NYE is a lot like Halloween in that it gives women a perfect excuse to act naughty. It will not be difficult for you to meet women that are looking to hook up. This is NOT A SIGN TO BE THIRSTY! Don’t be that guy trying to make out with all the women when the ball drops. Keep it mackish and be the guy that is politely declining random women that want to make out. Women will assume that you have women around you all the time so you don’t need to be doing that. Use this to your advantage.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve everyone. Have fun, have some hot sex, and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Much more game to chop up in 2014. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!


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More Online Dating Game, Valuing Your Time & Closing The Deal

Valuing your time is one of the most important parts of dating. This is why I always stress cooperation. If a woman is not bringing 100% cooperation to the table, fuck her. A new girl turns 18 every few seconds. Never waste time with maybe women. Never waste time with a chick that has a dude. I see that happening a lot lately. Don’t hit me up asking me how to steal her from her man. I don’t do women with boyfriends and you shouldn’t either. Respect the game guys. If she says she has a dude, charge her. If she’s doing that to test you, charge her.  Remember 100% cooperation at all times. The best way to value your time when online dating is to know what to look for in her profile. I shouldn’t have to say this but if she has no words on her profile or the goofy drggutdg, gyrfhhhg,…….., move on. She’s just looking for followers and attention. Ok, let’s start with the profile of a girl that I wouldn’t message:

“Oh hey, my name is Melissa. If you’re messaging me to be an idiot… Don’t…If you have a selfie with your shirt off, I probably won’t message you back. First things first: Uhh I’m a tad bit obnoxious & a lot bit sarcastic. I love to laugh & i try not to take life too seriously. I dont play head games &I don’t do drama. Okay, now that that’s done:22(Leo) yes I’m stubborn, but you can deal with that. I have a beautiful son (2yearsyoung) I am a FULL TIME single mother and I was married once before…My loves:Tattoos, Atlantic City, Instagram, New Jersey House Wives, smoking weed, parting with my girls. Don’t just message me for sex. I’m not that type of girl. I’m tired of guys hitting me up for sex. For everyone else feel free to Message me :)”

For me this screams everything that I don’t deal with when it comes to women. I always follow a three strike program when dealing with women. This helps me maintain standards. My first strike is that she has a kid, second is that she was already married and the third strike is that she likes to smoke weed. She gets another strike for bragging about being obnoxious and sarcastic. She gets another strike for having a horrible profile. I’m pretty sure a lot of you see profiles like this all the time. STAY AWAY!

Now let’s look at a profile that I would message:
“I’m a simple women looking for happiness. For the most part I would say I am outgoing, considerate, fun, kind, down to earth and I love trying new things. I spend most of my free time reading, working out, or hanging out with friends. My favorite restaurants are Sushi, Thai and Mexican. I’m not really into any sports and I don’t watch them. Looking for a guy with a great sense of humor, who takes care of himself, is physically fit. Not a body builder but definitely eats well and is not over weight. I like intelligence, a man who can express himself, is friendly, and respectful. I believe in surrounding myself with positive happy people with positive energy. Anything else you’d like to know just ask but please don’t make it an interview. No one likes going on them in real life. We go through that dreadful process when we have to. It would be nice if the conversation was enjoyable and had a natural flow to it.”

Now this is more my speed. I like the way she describes herself. Nothing about being sarcastic or sassy. Nothing about her love of partying with the girls. Nothing about being an alpha female. Wait, what does an alpha female mean? Sounds like a woman who is trying to act like a dude. Also, I’m all about women reading and intelligence. History is my favorite subject. Overall this is the profile of a girl I think any guy would want to seriously date. Of course you still have to look at other factors but we’re focusing on her profile. What would I send her in my first message?

“You’re profile sparked my interest, and I noticed that we do share a few things in common. I don’t want to bust out a corny line about how I lost my number, so I need yours. You’re probably sick of those types of guys. Instead, I will just say let’s get to know each other and see if we would be a good match.
I look forward to hearing back from you”

Don’t worry about copy & paste messages because they work. It’s all about wrapping everything up with good game. If your profile is good and you have good pictures, she will respond.

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